Conservation tips

Cutting the carbon from your diet

I've been digging more deeply into the question of what you should eat if you're looking to lower your carbon footprint. I'll have a few posts on this topic coming up, because it's one of those vexed issues with lots of tradeoffs and corner cases and tricky considerations. But let's start off by keeping it simple: eat less red meat… read more →

Low carbon barbecue

Memorial Day weekend and the smell of barbecue is in the air. As you pick up the propane tank to check if there's any juice left from last summer, you may be wondering about the carbon impact of the outdoor grill. A few thoughts: The actual grilling process isn't really the big carbon part of this. If you're using a… read more →

Words of wisdom for bike commuters old and new

Today is National Bike to Work Day.* So bike to work. Or if it's raining, like it is in New York, consider postponing your ride. The Commute by Bike blog recently ran a very sensible slacker's guide to bike commuting for people who aren't trying to win the Tour de France. Among the tips: * Skip the bike when the… read more →

Reduce your footyprint

When a newspaper front page ad carries the tag line "Help the planet. Go down the pub," I'm reassured that climate change has finally arrived in the national psyche. The British psyche, that is. The English Football Association (that's soccer, of course) is running a series of adverts on TV and in newspapers explaining ways in which fans of the… read more →

Turn the faucet off, save water and save energy

There's a new water supply issue stirring in California. There may have to be a serious cut in supplies next year after a ruling in August designed to protect an endangered fish. Until an official resolution can be reached, the water agencies are doing the only thing they can: asking people to cut back in their water use. Last week… read more →

Caution: Back to school carbon bump!

Ah, labor day. The end of the summer, and the end of many parents' blissful summer commutes. Mom walked. Dad took the bus. Now they're both back in their (family-size) cars shuttling the kids around. EPA reports (pdf) show that morning drive time traffic jumps up 30% at the beginning of the school year. The report put this in historical… read more →

Bottled water – good for whom exactly?

Tap water, well-traveled water and the TerraPass water bottle, free with every Dorm TerraPass A Heineken TV commercial shown here in the UK 20 years ago featured an elocution teacher instructing his young pupil to pronounce the phrase, "The water in Majorca don't taste like what it oughta" (video here). I was reminded of this recently when I read about… read more →

Save water to save energy

Water systems use a whopping 19% of the electricity in California. Dry landscaping could save you 357 lbs a year, or about the same as 8 CFL's Looking for a new idea to fight climate change? Maybe you're just starting to act on climate change, and have plenty of previous TerraPass conservation tips on your to-do list. Maybe you've gone… read more →

Conservation tip: carry a book with you

In the midst of this interesting back and forth about public transportation, Michael O'Hare offers an easily overlooked tip for ensuring that you never have to wait a single moment for a train or a bus: carry a book with you at all times. The essence of waiting is doing nothing while you sit in anticipation of some event. Waiting… read more →
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