Conservation tips

Get your house in order!

You probably already recycle, reduce, reuse, and try to do your part for the planet. With spring almost in full bloom and Earth Day right around the corner, now is the perfect time to welcome the season with some spring cleaning greening. **Avoid indoor air pollutants** Household cleaning products and interior decorations (e.g., carpets, wallpaper, paints and stains) are the… read more →

Park, Circa 2011

Though most days I bike to the TerraPass office in downtown San Francisco, a mostly flat ride of a little under 30 minutes, there are days that I need to go by car. Usually these days involve either dropping off or picking up my kids on one or both ends of my day, in places where public transportation just isn’t… read more →

Greener loving just got a whole lot easier

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than by planning a romantic event that you, your loved one, *and* the planet can enjoy. **Skip the weekend getaway** Save money and reduce fuel consumption by planning a "stay-cation." Visit that museum or new (sustainable) restaurant you've been wanting to try, or plan a romantic night… read more →

Green your holidays!

The holiday season is the time to visit family and friends, eat our favorite seasonal dishes, and decorate our homes with festive decor. The inevitable downside of the season is of course the slightly larger carbon footprint we all produce as we indulge (er, celebrate). Here are some tips we liked - feel free to share yours! **Use LED holiday… read more →

Check your sprinklers. Please!

I walk my dogs at night, and twice this week we've discovered troubling new additions to our neighborhood landscaping. It starts when I hear an unusual sound, an undercurrent loud enough to penetrate my podcast-filled earphones. When I pause, my dogs get curious and hunt it down. It's a pleasant sound actually, a spilling, gurgling sound. Has someone installed a… read more →

Green driving tips you actually use?

For the past several years, we've published lots of green driving tips. So have others, and I've read many of them. Even so, I openly confess to enthusiastic early adoption of many such tips but fairly poor long-term persistent use. Examples of my failures include slipshod attention to tire pressure, using my car as an auxiliary storage location, replacing my… read more →

Advanced recycling for environmental ninjas

I spent last week visiting some of the landfills TerraPass works with to create carbon offsets. As always, it was great to see these projects and the positive impact they're having firsthand. But spending so much time around so much trash really drove home how important recycling is for decreasing one's personal impact on the planet. Paper, plastic, and metal… read more →

Vampire staked by gadget

As recently reported, I had a rabid vampire at my house: my set-top box and DVR combination. It is designed to be “on” all the time, so it consumes as much energy when I’m not using it as when I am. This lack of a true “sleep” mode is my main beef with the combo device, so I set out… read more →

The climate is changing and I’m getting cold feet

This time of year, we play a strange game of "chicken" at my house, watching each other to see who will break down and turn on the heat. We have radiant heat, which means a boiler circulates hot water through pipes in the cement foundation, warming it; the warm foundation in turn warms the floors which in turn radiate heat… read more →

Miracle tech improves fuel efficiency up to 50%

Recession blown a hole in your plans to upgrade to a fancy new plug-in hybrid? Fear not -- according to the Wall Street Journal you can boost your current car's mileage 20, 40, even 50% just by learning a few simple "eco-driving" tricks. We've covered the ways in which driver behavior interacts with fuel efficiency on a few prior occasions,… read more →
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