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Get Back on the Bike in May for National Bike Month

Trying to keep your carbon footprint in check?  Of all the things we do to deepen and widen our carbon footprint, our personal mode of transportation is one of the largest contributors. Walking might work for some commutes, but for slightly longer treks, hopping on that old bike will get the job done and do so without leaving a single environmental trace.… read more →

At the Forefront of Change on Earth Day.

Earth Day began in 1970 and is now the largest celebrated environmental movement worldwide. It is meant to increase the awareness of important climate change facts and inspire people to take action.  Terrapass shares tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint. The Birth of Earth Day There is an ongoing debate on who started Earth Day: John McConnell or… read more →

Happy New Year from TerraPass

Happy New Year from TerraPass
What's your goal for 2015? Here at TerraPass, we resolve to restore the balance by working hard to give you the tools you need to understand, measure and reduce your environmental impact. Look out for more This vs. That infographics, expanded product offerings so you can purchase with one click, and even a new website look in time for Earth… read more →

The most surprising emissions source of the year

Weekend driving can still emit tons of carbon (pun intended) By: Lauren Rosenberg TerraPass offsets all emissions generated from all employee travel and commutes to our headquarters in downtown San Francisco each year. Most of us are carbon footprinting geeks, always eager to calculate our personal carbon footprints, from activities like weekend driving, flying, and home energy use, to make… read more →

Vampire power finale (for now)

We seem to have an obsession here on combating “vampire power” (or at least writing about it in the past but it looks like we might run out of things to say soon*. *Well... as soon as this gets developed since it’s still only a product in concept. The PumPing Tap is a spring-loaded electrical socket that physically ejects a… read more →
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