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Everything good for you is bad for the environment

In a working paper entitled "The Environmental Paradox of Bicycling", Karl Ulrich at the University of Pennslyvania reports that shifting people from their cars to bicycles offers almost no benefit to the environment. We'll dig into this paradox in just a second, but first a little background. Ulrich is the man behind TerraPass, the Wharton professor who challenged his students… read more →

The first politician with a TerraPass?

It's perhaps telling that TerraPass counts among its customers students, university presidents, CEOs, venture capitalists, hybrid drivers, SUV drivers, fantastically wealthy individuals, fantastically dedicated individuals – but not a single U.S. politician (update: at the federal level). This may change in the fall. John Binkowski, an Independent running for Congress in Minnesota, bought his TerraPass last week, and then kindly… read more →


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