The Wine Company

The Wine Company
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The Wine Company is a fine wine importer and wholesaler based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA. If you don’t know where Minnesota is, here is a geography lesson: put a dot in the middle of the United States. Go up until you hit Canada. Back up just a bit, and you’re there. It’s a beautiful state, and honestly between the months of May and October you’d be hard pressed to find a more stunning array of color and outdoor recreation. (From November to April is a different conversation. Winters are harsh here, but good for business. When you’re stuck in your house for two days because of an ice storm, what better way to pass the time than with a bottle of wine?) For over twenty five years we have sold wine to the most discerning restaurants and wine retailers in our state. We take our job seriously, always insisting on the highest pedigree and provenance for our wines — while always having fun and building community.

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