WildSpring Guest Habitat

WildSpring Guest Habitat
WildSpring is a small, ecofriendly resort in Port Orford, overlooking Oregon's south coast. On 5 acres of old Native American grounds, it offers luxury accommodations in a naturally beautiful environment. Elegant cabin suites built like small homes, filled with art and antiques. Guest Hall, sculpture garden and open-air slate spa overlook the ocean. It is unique and offers a more personal experience to visitors - it feels less like commercial lodging and more like a private estate. It has been eco-sensitive since its planning stages, placing cabins carefully within the secluded, second-growth forest so only two living trees were lost. It uses sustainable materials whenever possible, low-watt and energy efficient lighting, low-flow plumbing, native plants, recycled paper goods, compostable "glasses", non-toxic, pH neutral, scent-free cleaning and laundry products and local produce. It invites guests to participate in water and energy-saving measures. It donates all incoming shipping to a local myrtlewood manufacturer so they can reuse them when shipping their products, it supports eco-organizaitons through donations of money and free stays for fundraising. And, the owners speak at local and regional groups about the benefits of eco-operations.

Visit their website at : http://www.wildspring.com

How they are offsetting their emissions


Tons Purchased

Year : 2009 Tons Purchased : 43 mT
Year : 2010 Tons Purchased : 43 mT
Year : 2011 Tons Purchased : 43 mT
Year : 2013 Tons Purchased : 43 mT
Year : 2014 Tons Purchased : 163 mT
Year : 2015 Tons Purchased : 43 mT