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uShip is an online shipping marketplace that connects customers with Transportation Service Providers to make shipping more affordable and efficient. uShip gives customers the power to find shipping services that match their needs, without being limited to the fixed rates and skyrocketing costs associated with traditional shipping options. uShip's revolutionary reverse auction format provides significant savings over traditional shipping methods and lets customers choose the feedback rated Transportation Service Provider who will give them the best service at the best price. But that's only one half of the equation. With rising gas prices and other costs, Transportation Service Providers need immediate and free access to customers and jobs to grow their business. At uShip, there are thousands of high-quality potential customers interested in hiring them right now. And through the use of uShip's advanced suite of tools, Service Providers can optimize their existing shipping routes with profitable loads that offset the prohibitive cost of gas. Many Transportation Service Providers use uShip to fill their excess deadhead capacity or to find incremental loads on routes they are already going on, thereby reducing the public’s overall need for other vehicles to makes additional trips that unnecessarily waste fuel and contribute to climate change. Beyond uShip’s goal to reduce the carbon footprint of our company through efforts such as recycling, employee carpools, and community eco-initiatives, uShip is also leading the green revolution by enabling our 160,000+ Transportation Service Providers to purchase TerraPass credits to offset 100% of their carbon footprint from business completed through uShip. In addition, uShip will soon allow shipping customers to also purchase TerraPass credits to offset the carbon footprint of their individual shipments.

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Year : Tons Purchased : 162 mT
Year : Tons Purchased : 364 mT
Year : Tons Purchased : 963 mT
Year : Tons Purchased : 200 mT
Year : Tons Purchased : 262 mT