Soar Private Air

Soar Private Air
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Soar Private Air is a new vision in private aviation. The company's mission is to provide the highest caliber on-demand air charter service. Soar was established to meet the needs and interests of clients who want greater efficiency, privacy, and more customized services. As a global company, Soar emphasizes and encourages fuel efficiency, more environmentally conscious practices, and safety by using newer fleets of jets and underwriting carbon offsets for all clients. Soar is the first and only company in the US to offset all its flights. Soar's carbon neutral flights are achieved through partnership with Terrapass, the leader and forerunner in carbon offsetting and reducing the carbon footprint in aviation. Soar not only supports environmentally conscious practices but also humanitarian efforts, by providing empty legs for humanitarian relief and non-profit organizations. Ultimately the mission of Soar is to provide consistent excellence, integrity and elegance in the private air experience.

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