Screen Solutions Inc

Screen Solutions Inc
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Screen Solutions Inc is committed to both operating in an environmentally friendly way, and selling a product that is a green choice for homes and businesses. Our Plissé retractable screens for doors and windows are produced with long lasting recyclable aluminum frames and painted using a dry powder coating process that releases almost no volatile organic compounds into the atmosphere. Screen Solutions Inc is always looking for ways to lessen the environmental impact of our operations. We require that our supplier ship materials to us in boxes that we can recycle for the shipping of our finished product. We also recycle all of the packing material that we receive into packing for our own shipping. Screen Solutions Inc also takes the extra time and care to recycle all scrap material generated in the assembly of our screens. And now, thanks to Terra Pass our operations are Carbon Neutral as well. Screen Use Reduces Energy Consumption The use of any screen can reduce dependence on air conditioning in the spring and fall, which can lessen electrical use significantly. If air-conditioning use is curtailed in spring and fall the reduction of electrical use could be as much as, or more than, 2717 KWH for the average home in the Austin area. (More detailed information available on our website at Our retractable screen designs are not as susceptible to damage and weathering as are other screens, requiring less frequent replacement and reducing the need for manufacturing of new materials as well as the disposal of old ones.

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