Rapid Learning Institute

Rapid Learning Institute
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The Rapid Learning Institute is a leading provider of e-learning solutions for organizations large and small. Our client list includes Fortune 500s, private firms, government offices, healthcare, educational organizations, manufacturing, service businesses and more. The Rapid Learning Institute (RLI) enables organizations to quadruple their training return on investment. On average, companies spend $1,100 per year per employee using traditional training approaches. But much of this money is wasted. Studies show that after a month employees retain just 20% of what they learned -- mainly because managers don't take the time to follow up and make training stick. The RLI gives your managers time-saving tools to provide interval reinforcement - that is, repeatedly revisiting training concepts so employees retain the knowledge, skills and attitudes you taught them. The result: You'll squeeze four times more value out of each training dollar you spend, optimize individual performance, and boost your bottom line. RLI's training platforms help companies cut costs and their environmental impact by reducing paper use. Plus, they minimize their "carbon footprint" by limiting the need for training-related travel and high-energy-consuming training centers.

Visit their website at : http://rapidlearninginstitute.com/

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Year : 2013 Tons Purchased : 13 mT
Year : 2011 Tons Purchased : 13 mT
Year : 2010 Tons Purchased : 13 mT