Mark Leibowitz Photography, Inc.

Mark Leibowitz Photography, Inc.
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Mark Leibowitz Photography, Inc. practices and creatively develops sustainable photography services for advertising, commercial and private clients. Their photographs are a blend of portrait, fashion, lifestyle and travel images from around the world. They strive to create images that capture the emotions and experiences of our subjects while resonating with their audience and enriching the human experience. As our company has grown so has our desire to uphold socially responsible business practices. Working with like–minded corporations facilitates the improvement of our business and challenges us to grow in areas other than profits. As a B Corporation we proudly share that vision with our fellow corporations. As a small company they work hard to minimize their impact on the planet and help create positive change. They believe in a smart way of doing business where our people, community and natural resources are valued. They wish to use their creative abilities to help broaden social and environmental well-being.
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