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Luminaire Foto
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After months of anticipation, your wedding day will be beautiful and amazing and all that you envision. Yet as couples will discover, the day passes in a blur. Subtlety and surprise will have as much a role as the vows, the kiss, the toasts… Karl and Nanette's focus is to take these small moments and timeless traditions, and create something larger: the story of your wedding. They'll create a narrative that is at once classic and modern while capturing the beauty in the details. Your story will be remembered and recounted through your photographs for years to come. Husband and wife team Karl and Nanette go out of their way to ensure their photo shoots are relaxed and enjoyable. Taking time to become friends with their clients allows them to capture true emotion and laughter. As a reflection of their personal lives they also run their business in an eco friendly manner. Please visit Luminaire Foto's website for more details.

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