Guardian Energy Technologies, Inc.

Guardian Energy Technologies, Inc.
Green Badge Partner
Guardian Energy Technologies is the premier distributor of Foam It Green DIY Spray Foam Insulation Kits. We believe there are quick and easy ways you can save money, energy, and have a positive impact on our world. Foam It Green DIY Spray Foam is 100% American-Made and contains no CFCs, VOCs, Penta-BDE’s, Or Urea Formaldehyde. Please visit us online to see how we can help lower your energy costs today.

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How they are offsetting their emissions


Tons Purchased

Year : 2013 Tons Purchased : 917
Year : 2012 Tons Purchased : 1,479
Year : 2011 Tons Purchased : 1,461
Year : 2010 Tons Purchased : 1,266
Year : 2009 Tons Purchased : 720
Year : 2008 Tons Purchased : 416