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Geo Savvy Tours
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GeoSavvy Tours is an Arizona-based Geotourism company. We focus on environmentally responsible excursions in Arizona. Our tours support a sense of place, highlighting the geographical character of a destination such as local cuisine, culture, agriculture, urban environment, and natural wonders. · 100% of all carbon emissions generated by van travel are offset · Lodging is selected based on sustainable practices, and uniqueness to the local area · 3% of the proceeds for each trip goes toward efforts to restore or preserve the surrounding natural wonders and heritage · All materials -- everything from water bottles to food wrappers -- are recycled. Great care is taken to make sure Geo Savvy Tours does not contribute to the enormous amount of pollution and waste that is sometimes generated by the tourism industry, which can unfortunately degrade the very places and communities that people are coming to visit · All guides are trained in nature interpretation, experiential learning, and Geotourism practices to ensure a consistent experience for all of our travelers Our vision is to be the leader in best practices for sustainable tours, and to grow the Geotourism opportunities in the state of Arizona. We want to help make Arizona one of the greenest and most sustainable places in America.
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