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Ecology.IT provides technology and sustainability consulting and advisory services to companies looking to improve efficiency in all aspects of their business. Through our services, companies see opportunities to increase energy efficiency and improve the bottom line through energy audits, alternative energy sourcing, effective procurement, strategic technology architecture design, project management of technology implementations, and certification and recognition for projects. All services are performed with an eye toward helping companies see economic prosperity through sustainable and green technology practices. Our corporate mission means that we look for opportunities to minimize the negative environmental impact of our work and maximize our social contribution to our local community. From our commitment to donate 1% of our revenues to environmental causes, to our status as a signatory of APTA’s Sustainability Commitment, and our work with local education programs to further our commitment to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, ecology.IT believes it necessary to execute on our belief in sustainable business practices. We are a small consultancy currently located out of a private home powered by solar. Our company car is a 100% electric Nissan Leaf. We are using the Terrapass to offset travel, including aviation and public transportation, and the incidentals like shipping on office supplies.

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Year : 2014 Tons Purchased : 7 mT