Counselor Resource Group, LLC

Counselor Resource Group, LLC
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Counselor Resource Group is a full service eDiscovery and litigation support firm. We specialize in helping law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies collect, analyze, manage, review and produce the large amounts of data typically associated with today's complex litigations, government requests and investigations. All of us at CRG are passionate about fulfilling our obligation to being an ecologically responsible organization. We are continually challenging ourselves to ensure we are operating in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. In addition to offsetting our carbon footprint through TerraPass we further reduced our carbon emissions by changing to a 100% wind powered energy supplier for our primary production facility. Similarly, in an effort to offset our use of paper resources, we not only use recycled paper products, but we also formed a partnership with The National Arbor Day Foundation to plant thousands of trees annually all across America's neediest forests. We also employ the use of alternate fuel equipped delivery vehicles. All of these measures have been implemented in hopes of achieving our goal of running the most ecologically responsible business possible and to encourage others in our industry to follow suit. We are committed to continue looking for new and innovative ways to have a positive impact on our environment.

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Year : 2011 Tons Purchased : 120 mT
Year : 2010 Tons Purchased : 120 mT