That’s Caring

That’s Caring
That’s Caring creates each gift basket with two people in mind: the lucky person who’s getting it and Mother Earth. We created our customizable baskets to be both a real treat and as environmentally friendly as possible. Our packaging and shipping process was designed so that when a That’s Caring basket goes off into the world, it tiptoes, not stampedes, across the Earth. We use sustainable packaging, buy our products locally whenever possible, and work with TerraPass to more than offset the adverse affects of getting your gift to its recipient. So you can give away, without even a scrap of guilt. They’re great for your recipients and great for the Earth. Give back to the people you care about. Give back to the Earth. Let's get caring.

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How they are offsetting their emissions


Tons Purchased

Year : 2013 Tons Purchased : 25 mT
Year : 2012 Tons Purchased : 21mT
Year : 2011 Tons Purchased : 21 mT
Year : 2010 Tons Purchased : 21 mT
Year : 2009 Tons Purchased : 29 mT
Year : 2008 Tons Purchased : 18 mT