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Blue Sky Cleaners
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Seattle's Only Toxin-Free Cleaner Blue Sky Cleaners is passionate about providing the highest quality service using the only toxin-free method available. Locally owned and operated, sustainability and service are our main priorities. Our expert staff is dedicated to protecting your investments - our process is proven to make your garments last up to 40% longer than any other cleaning method. Blue Sky Cleaners uses the only toxin-free method available – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and sophisticated wet cleaning – featuring Electrolux Lagoon technology, the first and only wet cleaning machine certified by Woolmark. We provide Free Pick-up and Delivery to your home or office, 6 locations throughout the Seattle and Mercer Island, and provide the highest level of service available. We are better for your clothes, better for you and your family, and better for the environment! __________________________________________________________________________ Blue Sky Cleaners is dedicated to operating a sustainable business, and our CO2 and Wet Cleaning services are the only cleaning methods endorsed by the EPA as being environmentally sound. Blue Sky is the only dry cleaner in the state of Washington not required to have a hazardous waste permit. Our CO2 cleaning is accomplished with re-claimed Carbon Dioxide gas, meaning there is no net increase in the atmosphere due to our processing operations. In addition to our strict office recycling program, which incorporates a paperless billing system to help reduce use, we have introduced a hanger recycling program which has allowed us to reduce our production materials consumption by 25%. Our paper consumption was drastically reduced by 90% when we introduced our state of the art barcoding and Point of Sale inventory tracking system. Our pickup and delivery service is used by 60% of our customers, directly reducing the carbon footprints of those customers by up to 4 back and forth trips per order. Our fleet is comprised of Biodiesel vans and Terra Passes are utilized to make our delivery service Carbon Neutral. All of our cleaned garments are packaged with a specially designed poly/plastic which is partially made of cornstarch. These bags are fully recyclable and are constructed to fully biodegrade within 2 years if placed in a landfill. Our packaging standards have been reduced to include only what is required for a quality product, eliminating wasteful plastic and paper consumption. On special request (for a $5 fee) we provide customers with a specially designed re-usable valet bag (The Green Garmento), which when turned upside down, works as the laundry bag for returning the dirty clothes. This, in conjunction with hanger recycling caddies we provide to customers free of charge, allows us to provide a virtually waste-free dry cleaning service to eco-conscious consumers. Our 11,000 square foot processing facility has been retro-fitted with T-8 lighting ballasts to reduce the energy consumption, and it was built with the highest standards in meeting the City of Seattle’s code for energy efficiency. A $150,000 HVAC system was installed which recycles generated heat from our pressing stations through the rest of the building. We utilize a state of the art heat exchange system for heating our hot water within our laundry department, and it uses recycled steam from the pressing station which results in a Natural Gas savings of up to 40%.

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