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The all-new website will be launching soon. Since 1995 has been a valuable resource for millions of visitors, helping them to discover and appreciate the exquisite beauty and rich culture of the largely untapped Baja California peninsula. With our new team and focus, our redeveloped website will allow us to share the Baja experience, including through photos, videos and articles, as well as by offering resources that will help both travelers and residents enjoy many of its treasures. With our integrated social networking tools, users benefit from the collective knowledge of the local community, including like-minded Baja aficionados. At we recognize that we are all stewards of our planet, tasked with the preservation of the cultural and natural resources for the next generation. Baja California presents us with a unique opportunity in that much of the region remains pristine. While finding the right balance is never easy, we intend to pursue responsible economic growth alongside of conservation and respect for local culture. And by fostering the regional economies, we can contribute to their education, which will shape the region’s future.

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