The TerraPass store: your reviews please!

It seems far longer than three months ago that we began selling energy-saving gadgets at TerraPass. Since then, hundreds of you have cut down on standby power with the Smart Strip, measured your appliance's power usage with the Kill A Watt or kept your tires fully inflated with the LED Tire Alerts. Now we need your feedback -- our product… read more →

Adventures in carbon pricing

A federal carbon tax in the U.S. appears to be a political dead letter, but all sorts of interesting experiments in carbon pricing are underway regionally. First: the California Assembly this week votes on the California Clean Car Discount Act, a "feebate" system that imposes a direct charge on sales of gas guzzlers and uses the funds to reward buyers… read more →

Comparing climate change plans

Per request, I wrote up a post comparing Hillary, Obama, and McCain on climate and energy policy. The post was long and dense and boring, so I threw it away and instead wrote the following long, dense and absolutely riveting primer on what to look for in a good climate change plan. These principles apply to cap-and-trade style programs, because… read more →

Dial F for fish

This has roughly zero climate change relevance, but it's nifty and green and perhaps you'll find it as useful as I do: text the message "fish <fish name>" to Blue Ocean's Fishphone (30644) to receive an assessment of whether the filet you're planning to purchase for dinner is environmentally kosher. So, for example, when I text "fish cod" to 30644,… read more →

Lance Armstrong: more bike commuters, please

Lance Armstrong will soon unveil his 18,000-square-foot Austin-based bike shop, Mellow Johnny's (named after the Tour de France's yellow jersey -- or "maillot jaune"). The goal of the shop is to promote bike culture and bike commuting: "This city is exploding downtown. Are all these people in high rises going to drive everywhere? We have to promote (bike) commuting..." Showers… read more →

TerraPass project comments: an update

Our new comment page. When we launched our comment period we weren't sure how the community would react. After a week, we're pleasantly surprised with the volume and quality of the comments. First, we want to thank all of you that wrote in. You should have received a personal email, and we'll be gathering and responding to your feedback, questions,… read more →

Just cruisin’

It's one of the great aspirational vacations: visiting the major cities of the world while living in luxury aboard a cruise liner. These days, with satellite TV you don't even have to miss the big game. It's just a shame about the environmental issues. Cruise lines are working hard to improve their image. Advanced water purification systems and engines that… read more →

Politicians talking science

The proposal to have a presidential science debate has been getting a surprising amount of traction. After ringing up a billion prominent endorsements, the organizers of the proposed debate have now picked a date (April 18) and have sent out invitations to the remaining candidates. The idea behind Science Debate 2008 is straightforward: Given the many urgent scientific and technological… read more →

Welcoming our new efficiency overlords

The so-called incandescent light bulb ban (not actually a ban) included as part of the recent energy bill has prompted a low-level but consistent set of complaints that deserve further consideration, because they betray a fair amount of confusion about the which policy tools to break out for which issues. On the right, the reaction to the new lighting efficiency… read more →

New TerraPass projects open for comments

TerraPass has always prided itself on transparency. Today we're taking that one step further, and asking for your feedback on projects before we commit them to our portfolio. We're admittedly excited to solicit stakeholder comments on our projects: first, we believe the stakeholder process is an important tool to ensure that all information about a project is collected before deciding… read more →
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