More Friday fun: test your awareness

As part of the cycling safety campaign, the British government put together an online awareness test. Only takes a minute. Check it out. If you've never seen this sort of thing before, it'll blow a few circuits. I failed miserably, by the way. (Via the Practical Pedal.) Update: Um...by "Friday fun" I mean I am offering this post up to… read more →

Saving water while out of the shower

According to my wife, among my most obnoxious green peccadilloes is letting the water run while the shower is warming up. We have long pipes from our hot water tank to the shower and it can take a few minutes to get hot water in the morning. As a consequence, my hectic morning routine often has me reading email while… read more →

WWF takes deep dive on offset standards

The World Wildlife Fund and Stockholm Environment Institute have just released an in-depth report on the state of standards in the voluntary carbon market. There really is no headline takeaway from the study. Rather, it provides a dense and chewy look at the state of play in the industry, the technical features of the various standards, and the primary issues… read more →

Fire fighters fighting global warming

Check this out: That's the Professional Fire Fighters Local 3786, in Robbinsville, New Jersey. Here's a close-up of the truck: And here's a video the group put together laying out the efforts they've made to green their firehouse. Buying a TerraPass to balance the emissions from their fire engines was only one of several steps taken, including a bunch of… read more →

Getting people on bikes, part II: bike shops

Continuing on with this cross-cultural exchange: I recently bought a new bike myself, a Trek touring cycle, and the experience was pretty unpleasant in all the predictable ways. It's impossible for non-obsessives to sort through all the options, and most bike shop employees really aren't interested in helping. So how does this work in Denmark, where cycling is ubiquitous? Has… read more →

They hate us! They really hate us!

A number of intrepid environmental bloggers have infiltrated the splashy climate change denialist convention taking place this week in Times Square. I'd been avoiding mention of the event because you really can't talk about this stuff at all without falling into the PR trap that's been set, but Grist raises a point that I want to amplify: climate change skepticism… read more →

Do I hear $500? How about $600?

Here's a fun one: California state legislator Jim Battin has submitted a bill that would allow purchasers of carbon offsets to ride in the carpool lane. No environmentalist, Battin just wants to be able to drive his Lincoln Aviator (14 mpg) "guilt-free in the empty diamond lane." Meanwhile, Desmog Blog grumbles over Washington State's proposal for new road tolls. The… read more →

How do we get more people on bikes?

Underlying my enthusiasm for Lance Armstrong's new bike emporium is a common complaint about the bicycle industry in America: commuters get short shrift. Manufacturers and dealers cater to athletes and enthusiasts (collectively: bike geeks), ignoring the much larger group of people who just want a sturdy, affordable beater to get around on. The Commute by Bike blog recently dug into… read more →

Companies reward fuel-efficient employees with cash

This is a worthy mini-trend: A growing number of small companies like Topics also are seeing value in encouraging employees to make environmentally friendlier choices as well -- at home, at work and in their commutes. Among the incentives: giving bonuses to employees who buy more fuel-efficient vehicles and outfit their homes in more energy-efficient ways, as well as helping… read more →

Paper cuts

I first became an environmental activist in 7th grade. I completed a homework assignment for Mrs. Dibbs' science class on the blank side of a printed piece of paper that would have otherwise been thrown away. Mrs. Dibbs praised me for the content of my work, but docked me half a grade for poor presentation. Despite my effort to explain… read more →
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