Most popular car among TerraPass web visitors: Prius by a mile

We've been doing some data-crunching on use of our carbon calculators and our sales figures. With over 500,000 footprints calculated, we found plenty of interesting nuggets to bundle together as the official "TerraPass Carbon Footprint Awareness Survey." Some highlights: Out of over 2,300 different vehicles searched for in the road calculator, the Toyota Prius was the most popular. It accounted… read more →

Getting people out of cars

Couple of driving-related tidbits from the past week: Washington, D.C. just built a brand spanking new ball park. They didn't build many parking lots to go alongside the ball park, opting instead to provide a free bike valet, enhance the nearby subway station, and add a ton of bus service. They also ran an advertising campaign asking people not to… read more →

When does additionality matter? (Part 3)

In two previous posts, I've attempted to establish that additionality is neither some strange concept relevant only to carbon offsets, nor an awkward patch used to fix a defect in the design of carbon markets. Rather, the concept of additionality is applicable to any incentive system, whether subsidy, tax, or whatever. The real question is what degree of additionality is… read more →

Gore launches $300 million climate change advocacy campaign

Al Gore today unveiled the "we" campaign, a $300 million effort to raise public awareness of climate change -- both the problem and its potential solutions. The aim of the campaign is to create bottoms-up pressure on legislators to tackle the issue. Lots of details in the Washington Post and in Grist, so I'll just offer some quick impressions: Setting… read more →

Broken resolution

The William Morris "Anemone" water bottle When TreeHugger reposted some of our TerraPass New Year's Resolutions the author snarked an "about time" to my commitment to avoid bottled water for the year. To the casual reader, I might have come across as an Evian addict who couldn't so much as look at a faucet. But honestly, I'm really the opposite,… read more →

When does additionality matter? (Part 2)

Second in a series. First one here. In his post criticizing the design of carbon markets, Sean correctly notes that additionality is a pain to measure -- an ever more expensive pain, as the industry matures and quality controls become more stringent. To take an example I know well, at TerraPass we spend tens of thousands of dollars per project… read more →

When does additionality matter? (Part 1)

Sean Casten recently wrote a provocative post on why "additionality" -- one of the bedrock principles of carbon markets as they're presently designed -- is an expensive waste of time. Sean is the president of Recycled Energy Development, a company that's raised jaw-dropping amounts of money to pursue some very cool clean energy projects. Our perspective on additionality as carbon… read more →

First project comment period a success

Six weeks ago we asked the TerraPass community for comments on our new candidate projects, a first for the U.S. carbon market. Seven projects have now gone through the process, and all of them successfully "passed" this step. They will receive support from TerraPass. TerraPass values transparency, so we've published a full summary and response to the comments we received.… read more →

Betting on Blair

Tony Blair announced (video) in London last week that he would lead an international effort to "break the climate deadlock." The former British prime minister will work with The Climate Group to devise a deal in which all of the world's countries, including key greenhouse gas emitters -- the United States, China, and India -- can participate. Blair told the… read more →

What can teenagers do to fight climate change?

An email came in recently from H.H., a thirteen-year-old on a "year long quest to find out how I can make a difference" in the fight against climate change. The email included a list of questions. They're good questions, so I'll answer them here as best as I can. And since I have no particular expertise in the advice-for-youngsters field,… read more →
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