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Sustainable energy plan: What & why

by Erin Craig Why do you need a sustainable energy plan? Creating a Sustainable Energy Plan is a simple, systematic way to examine, refine, and act on one of the most important aspects of a sustainable business. A plan lets you see where you are, decide what immediate positive changes your company can make, and create long-term practical and actionable… read more →

Dear Reader: we’d like your input!

A few weeks ago, Erin highlighted an Eco-Driving Index that the University of Michigan created to track the emissions profile of new cars for sale. It seemed like it caught some of readers’ attention... until we realized that there was a rather informative discussion taking place on lawn mowers (see comments if you’ve been thinking about making the switch to… read more →

TerraPass Answers!

Hey Footprint readers, We’re bringing back our “TerraPass Answers.” It’s quite simple -- if you have a question plaguing you about your latest decision to purchase a new car or to install flooring, our readers may be able to contribute more knowledge and expertise. Please send your questions to info@terrapass.com. We’ll only publicize information that you want us to. To… read more →

What’s greener than grass?

This week's question was sent in anonymously... > I asked my city of Santa Fe Springs if I could do something with the parkway, other than grass. > They denied my claim for concrete. I am trying to conserve water and they said no: the parkway *has* to be green . So I said ok i'll purchase fake green grass.… read more →

What car should I buy for a family of six?

*This week's question comes from one of our own staff. If you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.* Its time! My Ford Windstar has over 100,000 miles, the automatic doors do not work anymore, and it cost me a new transmission about three years ago. I never miss an oil change and believe cars should not be… read more →

Low impact kitchen flooring

After a short hiatus, TerraPass Answers returns to The Footprint. This week's question from Deborah Hyde: > What's your take on concrete floors for a kitchen? I'm doing a remodel, and am trying to think of some low-impact materials to use. > I don't have a ton of money to make a completely green space, but if I can use… read more →

Do lights use more energy to warm up?

This week's question comes from Susan Fiore: > I was brought up to turn the light off when I leave a room, even for a few minutes. My husband says it costs more to turn it off and back on again than leaving it on if you're coming back soon. > So which is right? And is it different for… read more →

Should I buy a new car?

This week's question from Tom Wilson... > OK, I realize a car's major carbon footprint is the actual gas that it uses. What is the carbon footprint to just build a new car before it uses any gas? > Am I shrinking my footprint by not buying a new car? The last new car I bought was a four cylinder,… read more →

Is the Prius battery toxic?

You're proving to be big fans of our new TerraPass Answers feature. This week's question is from Nushin in Colorado. > My sister in law who is an insurance company adjuster tells me that there is something toxic about the battery cell in the Prius. Is this true? Do you know the answer? Post in the comments section below. **Previous… read more →

Is online shopping bad for the environment?

Sandeep wrote to us this week to ask the following: > I'd like to know if online shopping is worse for the environment compared to the usual way of purchasing the list of items together at the supermarket or street side store? > I was discussing this with a friend who buys stuff online all the time! I would think… read more →
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