Less carbon = more jobs

A common criticism of proposals to fight global warming is that the U.S. (and the rest of the world) can't afford it right now because we're in the middle of a deep recession. Critics also argue that any federal action on climate will cause job losses at a time of high unemployment. The Environmental Defense Fund paints a very different… read more →

Your daily dose of environmental self-defeat

Hey, it's media criticism week here at TerraPass! The Washington Post lies while the New York Times fiddles: eager to find new ways to trivialize the warming of the planet, the Green Inc. blog reports on the carbon footprint of individual politicians and legislatures. They are abetted in this effort by Terra Eco, a French environmental magazine that has calculated… read more →

Create your own bike lane, redux

I love this: > "Contrail" is a design concept that enables cyclists to increase their visibility to cars, pedestrians, and each other. Conceived by Pepin Gelardi and Teresa Herrmann, this frame-mounted device would allow cyclists to make their mark on the street with faint lines of chalk. The rear wheel spins a smooth trail of color onto the pavement as… read more →

Survey says: green surveys are improbably optimistic

Some numbers to begin: - 53% of consumers would be willing to pay a premium for televisions with green attributes. - 34% and 44% of Americans are respectively more likely to buy and just as likely to buy environmentally responsible products. - More than half of all consumers say they have made a green purchase in the last six months.… read more →

Aussie firefighters connect the dots

The recent series of bushfires in Australia are being called the continent's worst natural disaster in over 100 years. The death toll is expected to rise above 200. Over 1,000 houses have been destroyed. 5,000 are homeless. In response, the firefighter's union has issued a stern demand to the government: take global warming more seriously. Every part of this story… read more →

Hybrid car sales rebound

With the help of Green Car Congress, I've been tracking the percent share of U.S. auto sales attributable to hybrids. Back in November I predicted that hybrids would represent more than 2% of December sales, and missed the mark. But despite the dismal overall trends in the auto industry, I'm pleased to see that for January 2009, hybrids accounted for… read more →

More room for bikes on trains

Bay Area bike commuters are popping a few celebratory wheelies at the news that Caltrain, the rail service that runs between San Jose and San Francisco, is adding more bike racks to its train cars. Overall bicycle capacity will rise 27 percent -- resulting in some carriages having as many as 40 slots for bikes. To get the job done,… read more →

The limits of localism

This isn't the biggest deal in the world, but it's an instructive example of the limits of focusing too narrowly on highly specific or prescriptive solutions to climate change. The New Belgium Brewery, maker of the tasty Fat Tire beer, is run by a bunch of nice hippies who manage their company toward an impressive list of environmental and social… read more →

Today’s climate forecast: grim

A story that I've been sort of ignoring because it isn't really so much a "story" as a "depressing reality" is that the science of climate change has recently taken a turn for the deeply grim. Rising seas are increasing the salinity of groundwater in India, wiping out farmland. Warming is significantly altering and degrading the character of American forests.… read more →

Art from the waste stream

There's nothing like spending Friday afternoon at San Francisco's Norcal Recycling Station with a gang of pre-schoolers. There's their obvious excitement at seeing where the construction trash goes, and their stern looks when the tour guide discusses the evils of disposable chopsticks. It's enough to lift anyone's spirits to see these five-year-olds easily identify which materials should go into the… read more →
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