Voting guide for state ballot measures

I'm just passing this info along -- I don't live in California and have a passing familiarity with this year's ballot measures. I do know know that ballot measures are often misleadingly named or confusingly written, so it's helpful to see what the big advocacy groups are saying. **Update:** Grist has the goods. Check out their round-up of arguments for… read more →

Reporters trip over emissions trading

In the unlikely circumstance that reporters ever grow weary of chasing twitches in the oil markets or interpreting the wanderings of the Dow, they have a new toy to play with: the price of carbon. Which is fine, so far as it goes, except that they keep getting the story so badly wrong: > The global financial crisis and looming… read more →

Financial meltdown: Still bad for the environment

A few weeks ago, I made some guesses about how the big picture trends in the economy would affect the development of clean energy. And though it's still early days for the financial crisis, so far my guesses look pretty good. The Times talks to a few industry insiders, who confirm that the credit crunch is slowing down clean energy… read more →

RGGI goes live with world’s largest carbon auction

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the first legally binding cap-and-trade system in the U.S., kicked off last week with the world's largest carbon credit auction. Despite dire predictions from some quarters, the auction came off smoothly, reaching a clearing price of $3.07 per ton of carbon dioxide. The media has been writing RGGI's obituary for weeks now. The New York… read more →

Schwarzenegger to host climate summit

Can the Governor of California terminate global warming? The Hollywood action figure took a step in that direction by announcing yesterday that he would host a climate policy summit in November for governors of all 50 states and the leaders of states and provinces from other countries, including China and India. During a speech in San Francisco, Gov. Schwarzenegger said… read more →

Meltdown! Charting the effects of the financial crisis

In the wake of the financial meltdown, some have wondered about about the broader implications of the disappearance of Lehman Brothers' carbon trading desk. And the answer to that question, at least, is easy: there are no broader implications to the disappearance of Lehman Brothers' carbon trading desk. This is true for a variety of reasons, not least among them… read more →

The financial sector and the “real economy”

Can you stand a bit more meltdown blogging? Over at Grist, the proposed bailout has stirred up an understandable level of angst over the government's willingness to shower Wall St. with money at the first sign of crisis, and meanwhile sit idly by while the ice caps melt. And the point is well-taken, of course, but the some of the… read more →

To tackle global warming, California takes aim at sprawl

California, long on the vanguard of battles over land use, is poised to pass legislation that would harmonize regional planning efforts with the state's overarching goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The most ambitious anti-sprawl legislation in the country, the bill seeks to coordinate housing, transit, and commercial development to reduce the impact of growth on the environment. Coincidentally, I… read more →

More Parking!

San Francisco may have the most technologically nifty new parking system in the U.S., but Chicago wins big points for the mercenary genius of their approach: the city expects to raise over a billion dollars by auctioning a 50-year concession on their entire parking system. Private vendors are willing to pay so much for the right to manage the city's… read more →

California climate skirmish — a taste of things to come

Regulators have won praise for speed and thoughtfulness with which they have laid the groundwork for implementation of AB 32, the landmark bill that aims to bring California's greenhouse gas emissions down to 1990 levels by 2020. But even within a single state, climate change legislation creates winners and losers, and regional tensions are starting to show. California's climate plan… read more →
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