Conservation tips

Energy tip #5: use the right motor oil

Feed your engine the right fluids and you will improve performance. That's why a healthy portion of us opt to fill up with a cup of leaded coffee in the morning. If you want to give your car a boost and are in the mood to save money, checking to make sure you're using the right motor oil could help… read more →

Energy tip #4: get yourself a clothesline

Mark Twain obviously lived in a different era. Summer in San Francisco has been hot -- so hot that I've thought about switching to iced coffee in an attempt to beat the heat. So given the current weather, I think it's an appropriate time to put forth possibly the least sexy tip in the bunch: Air dry your clothes. But,… read more →

Energy tip #3: replace your car’s air filter

Replacing your air filter could help you save up to $150 a year...and allow you to afford your favorite coffee maker, a thermos, and finally drop those pesky disposable cups. It will also eliminate over 1,000 lbs of CO2 emissions. The air filter (a slightly meatier version of the coffee variety) is a necessary part of your car that cleans… read more →

Energy tip #2: inflate your tires

Fresh off the heels of Tip #1, I bring you Tip #2: inflate your tires. It's often said that the best things in life are free. And while I'm still waiting for someone to send a free bag of coffee beans to headquarters, inflating your tires doesn't cost a penny. In fact, it pays you about $57 a year. According… read more →

Energy tip #1: don’t be a dim bulb

Introducing a new series of conservation tips: How To Finance Your Monthly Coffee Or Yearly TerraPass (HTFYMCOYT). I've been spending a good portion of the budget lately on coffee. Every morning at 8:30, $1.65 goes into the barista's outstretched palm. Now, I happen to think the coffee is worth it, but I thought I'd do some quick math on what… read more →

The $7.6 Billion dollar tire inflation gauge: Inflate your tires to save money and the environment

Imagine you found a way to fairly effortlessly save $7.6 Billion every year, and reduce 52 billion lbs of CO2. You would be pretty happy right? Well this is what I stumbled upon this morning. I'll admit to not being so religious about car maintenance, but this morning I was motivated enough to try out a handy little Brookstone Digital… read more →
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