Conservation tips

Energy tip #9: get your ducts in a row

Duct tape. Everyone's favorite utilitarian product has been used for many, many things: hanging posters on walls, taping packages, wrapping up a wiffleball to get extra distance on your home-run swing. It's one of the most useful products on the market, except when it serves it's namesake purpose of wrapping the ducts in your home to prevent leakage.* Air ducts… read more →

Energy tip #8: slow and low, that is the shower flow

If you like singing in the shower but are concerned about conserving water, you're faced with a interesting challenge: you can either find a shorter song to sing or put up $10 for a low-flow shower head and continue pleasing the neighbors with quite possibly the best versions of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" they've ever heard. The nice thing about some… read more →

Energy tip #7: get the junk out of your trunk

Fore! Heads-up for incoming savings! If you've been carrying around a set of golf clubs in your car, or, maybe slightly less likely, have managed to strap them to your roof rack, you may be losing out on some precious green fee money. Worse yet, you may be missing out on funds to buy your buddies a round of coffee… read more →

Energy tip #6: tame your fridge

The scene: 'Twas a typical night in the Johnson house. The 1.8 cars resting in the driveway and 2.2 children scarfing down chicken soup and fresh greens at the dinner table. But, just when dinner was coming to a close and with sleep time beckoning, Lynda perpetrated the pecuniary mistake of putting warm soup directly in the fridge. $.03 --… read more →

Energy tip #5: use the right motor oil

Feed your engine the right fluids and you will improve performance. That's why a healthy portion of us opt to fill up with a cup of leaded coffee in the morning. If you want to give your car a boost and are in the mood to save money, checking to make sure you're using the right motor oil could help… read more →

Energy tip #4: get yourself a clothesline

Mark Twain obviously lived in a different era. Summer in San Francisco has been hot -- so hot that I've thought about switching to iced coffee in an attempt to beat the heat. So given the current weather, I think it's an appropriate time to put forth possibly the least sexy tip in the bunch: Air dry your clothes. But,… read more →

Energy tip #3: replace your car’s air filter

Replacing your air filter could help you save up to $150 a year...and allow you to afford your favorite coffee maker, a thermos, and finally drop those pesky disposable cups. It will also eliminate over 1,000 lbs of CO2 emissions. The air filter (a slightly meatier version of the coffee variety) is a necessary part of your car that cleans… read more →

Energy tip #2: inflate your tires

Fresh off the heels of Tip #1, I bring you Tip #2: inflate your tires. It's often said that the best things in life are free. And while I'm still waiting for someone to send a free bag of coffee beans to headquarters, inflating your tires doesn't cost a penny. In fact, it pays you about $57 a year. According… read more →

Energy tip #1: don’t be a dim bulb

Introducing a new series of conservation tips: How To Finance Your Monthly Coffee Or Yearly TerraPass (HTFYMCOYT). I've been spending a good portion of the budget lately on coffee. Every morning at 8:30, $1.65 goes into the barista's outstretched palm. Now, I happen to think the coffee is worth it, but I thought I'd do some quick math on what… read more →

The $7.6 Billion dollar tire inflation gauge: Inflate your tires to save money and the environment

Imagine you found a way to fairly effortlessly save $7.6 Billion every year, and reduce 52 billion lbs of CO2. You would be pretty happy right? Well this is what I stumbled upon this morning. I'll admit to not being so religious about car maintenance, but this morning I was motivated enough to try out a handy little Brookstone Digital… read more →
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