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Look at us, everybody! We’re in Salon!

We don't make a habit of linking to press mentions of TerraPass, but Katharine Mieszkowski's article in Salon on the consumer carbon offset market is recommended reading. (Salon requires a subscription, but you can read the article for free if you agree to watch a short ad.) The lengthy piece skips right past the usual red herrings, such as carbon… read more →

How a Suburban gets 30 mpg (at least in CAFE)

While digging up background for the CAFE post, we ran across the curious case of the Chevy Suburban that is credited with a CAFE fuel economy rating of 28 mpg -- quite a bit better than its actual fuel economy of 15 mpg. This mind-bending math comes to us courtesy of a provision in CAFE known as alternative vehicle credits.… read more →


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