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RGGI, Steady, Go!

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) this morning announced (pdf) its revised rules to create a cap and trade program for power plants in seven northeastern states. More modest than the Kyoto protocol, RGGI caps power-plant based CO2 at current levels from 2009 until 2015, then follows with a 10% reduction by 2019. Two states, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, have… read more →

Carbon tax vs. carbon market: who would win in a fight?

In response to the post about Britain's flirtation with personal carbon credits, several readers wrote in wondering whether a carbon tax could achieve the same ends in a much more straightforward fashion. It's a worthwhile question, and although I don't have a definitive answer, a few points to consider: The first point is that in a cap-and-trade carbon market, total… read more →

The bicycling paradox revisited

Last week we reported on some research from UPenn professor Karl Ulrich, who also happens to the founder of TerraPass, that came to the contrarian conclusion that bicycles offer little benefit to the environment. The nub of the argument is that bicycle riders are healthier than non-cyclists, and their increased longevity places a drain on energy resources that largely cancels… read more →

Everything good for you is bad for the environment

In a working paper entitled "The Environmental Paradox of Bicycling", Karl Ulrich at the University of Pennslyvania reports that shifting people from their cars to bicycles offers almost no benefit to the environment. We'll dig into this paradox in just a second, but first a little background. Ulrich is the man behind TerraPass, the Wharton professor who challenged his students… read more →


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