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Lindzen and “science illiteracy”

I had another cringe moment today in the WSJ, reading another anti-anthropogenic warming editorial (subscription required) from Richard Lindzen, MIT professor, attacking Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth. (This is the second editorial from Mr Lindzen in as many months -- doesn't Henninger have any other talent upon which to draw?) Lindzen has a history of pointing out uncertainty in climate science,… read more →

Audi Diesel wins LeMans, changes perceptions?

Why are diesels currently less than 1% of the vehicles sold in the US and about 40% of the vehicles sold in the EU? One oft-cited reason is the horrible memories we all have of choking as the neighborhood diesel noisily and slowly clanked by. All that may be changing. This weekend, the Audi A10 became the first diesel powered… read more →

The first politician with a TerraPass?

It's perhaps telling that TerraPass counts among its customers students, university presidents, CEOs, venture capitalists, hybrid drivers, SUV drivers, fantastically wealthy individuals, fantastically dedicated individuals – but not a single U.S. politician (update: at the federal level). This may change in the fall. John Binkowski, an Independent running for Congress in Minnesota, bought his TerraPass last week, and then kindly… read more →

Social entrepreneurship inspiration

At the 2005 Skoll Forum for social entrepreneurship in London, we had the pleasure of meeting quite a few people from Ashoka, an excellent group dedicated to advancing social entrepreneurship around the world. While selling carbon offsets is a long way from the trials of alleviating poverty in Bangladesh, the stories of other entrepreneurs struggling in far less favorable climates… read more →

Green power choices: RECs or my local utility’s program?

A TerraPass customer writes in with the following question: should he buy his green power from the Renewable Choice Energy program offered at Whole Foods, or from his local utility, the City of Los Angeles Department of Water & Power? Mike wants to shift to green power for his home. We don't have the specifics of his electricity use, but… read more →

How a Suburban gets 30 mpg (at least in CAFE)

While digging up background for the CAFE post, we ran across the curious case of the Chevy Suburban that is credited with a CAFE fuel economy rating of 28 mpg -- quite a bit better than its actual fuel economy of 15 mpg. This mind-bending math comes to us courtesy of a provision in CAFE known as alternative vehicle credits.… read more →

Some corn with your CAFE, monsieur?

Tom Daschle and Vinod Khosla propose in today's Times that the CAFE fuel economy standards be reworked to include incentives for increased ethanol use. The 1973 oil embargo gave us the 1975 CAFE standards and the resulting, albeit short-lived, surge in fuel economy. Will this summer's combination of $4/gallon gas, Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth, and a few more violent hurricanes… read more →

Measuring the effect of citizen action on climate change

Every reporter seems to hit us with the following question: "How can one person's action really make a difference on climate change". Usually we refer to recycling and the vision that if as many people were as concientous about their carbon emissions as their soda cans, our greenhouse gas emissions would look a lot different. To prove our point, we… read more →

Immigration and climate change: shifting emissions

Several press outlets are calling the recent immigration rallies the new wave of 1960's era civil rights protests. But most commentators have missed the environmental angle -- the connection between trade policy, immigration policy and climate change. How we define our borders ulitimately dictates where we produce goods, who regulates that production and how far we have to ship them.… read more →

“An Inconvenient Truth”: Al Gore’s global warming movie delivers the goods

Try to imagine 50 Silicon Valley leaders sitting on the edge of their chairs for a nailbiting, 90-minute powerpoint presentation. In the land of "10 slides and you're out," filmmaker Lawrence Bender has accomplished something very special -- bringing the passion of Vice President Gore's live talk on global warming to the screen in a way that feels completely natural… read more →
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