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Will climate change affect fashion?

A reader writes in with an unusual question: is there any connection between oil prices and the fashion industry? Previous energy efficiency drives clearly show a link between energy and fashion, at least from political leaders. Take two classic images: President Jimmy Carter donning a cardigan during his national address on energy policy, and more recently Japanese prime minister Koizumi's… read more →

Bike Commuting to Bellevue

Last Friday, I flew up to Seattle to meet with Expedia. The flight was of course offset with Expedia's new TerraPass carbon offset. Our results with Expedia have been amazing. We've sold over 1.5 million pounds of carbon in less than a week after launch. I decided to celebrate with a bicycle commute from downtown Seattle to Expedia's office in… read more →

A TerraPass and industry first: presenting our 2004-2005 verification report

  • August 22, 2006
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We're proud to release our 2004/2005 Verification report (pdf). Based on an agreement with Center for Resource Solutions (CRS), creator of the Green-e program, this report details our impact for the year, the sales-supply balance and our distribution of offset projects. The good news, in case you're wondering, is that we passed! As we have discussed, accountability in carbon offsets… read more →

RGGI, Steady, Go!

The Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) this morning announced (pdf) its revised rules to create a cap and trade program for power plants in seven northeastern states. More modest than the Kyoto protocol, RGGI caps power-plant based CO2 at current levels from 2009 until 2015, then follows with a 10% reduction by 2019. Two states, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, have… read more →

Greenland melting accelerating…

Climate skeptics often point to the unresolved question of Greenland's melting as evidence that climate change is bunk. A new study from NASA's GRACE data shows that melting is taking place. According to Dr. Jianli Chen's paper (pdf) published online in Science, Greenland is in fact shrinking, and at a higher rate than earlier studies suggest. The melt rate is… read more →

Sandor and the Chicago Climate Exchange: Build it and they will come?

This week's New York Times Sunday Magazine has a fascinating article profiling Richard Sandor, the founder of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), which is the trading platform that TerraPass and others use to purchase our carbon credits. The article has a lot to say about the CCX, much of it positive, and much of it sharply critical. You might think… read more →

Tesla electric roadster launches

SONY Pictures may now have to plan a sequel to this summer's movie Who Killed the Electric Car? (see previous review). Tesla Motors launched their electric roadster in Santa Monica this week. The Roadster tops out at 130 mph and beats the pants of most sports cars by reaching 0-60mph in about 4 seconds. The cool kids at AutoBlogGreen have… read more →

Extreme heat illustrates climate change principle

Californians used to seaside breezes got a rude shock this weekend, as even cool Palo Alto soared into the triple digits. While this is just one data point in the long term studies of global warming, it contains a useful lesson in the difference between mean temperature and temperature distribution. We often hear the quip "Hey, two degrees is no… read more →

Carbon trading for ethanol

The letters section in last week's Science Magazine (pdf) got us scratching our heads once again about the ethanol path we are headed on, with 39 new plants currently scheduled for opening. The letters reveal a lot of disagreement about the impact of the processes that underlie corn-based ethanol production. And since the study, many bloggers have pointed out that… read more →

Al Gore at TED: How to live a carbon neutral life

For those of you that were still searching for a pen at the end of An Inconvenient Truth, the nice folks at TED have posted Al Gore's post-slideshow talk. There are some good tips in here, including the mantra we like which is "reduce what you can, offset the rest" as well as a perspective for business leaders. Alternatively, you… read more →
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