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(de)moralizing climate change

Long time readers will recall we have an affinity for Steven Pinker, although we no longer hire him as a copywriter (the Canadian exchange rate was just burning us). What you may not know is Pinker is quite the polymath, and proves his mettle in a brilliant essay on morality in last week's New York Times Magazine. Among his theses:… read more →

A proposal for climate philanthropists

Could this man's ideas lead to a new class of sustainable Carbon Reducing Enterprises? There are ups and downs in the fight against climate change and other issues of our day. Friday was a good day. Reuters UK broke the story that The Hewlett foundation, (update: together with other philanthropists) is planning a whopping $500 million a year fund to… read more →

Dissecting Flight Carbon Calculators

Flying is complex enough, so we try to make purchasing TerraPass flight offsets pretty simple. But if you've been searching around trying to get a more accurate handle on your carbon footprint, you may have noticed that lots of online calculators give you different results. Consumer Reports looked into this issue in a recent article. They compared the results of… read more →

Fight climate change with green products from TerraPass

Find out exactly what in your home is consuming all that electricity We celebrate every time we get a letter from a TerraPass customer asking to trade down to a smaller TerraPass because they sold their car, insulated the roof, or asked clients to video conference instead of meeting face-to-face. It's all part of our philosophy that fighting climate change… read more →

TerraPass is now on board with Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  • October 30, 2007
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Inc. Magazine has the scoop on TerraPass' latest partnership, an agreement with Enterprise that will allow customers to purchase a carbon offset to balance their rental car driving. From the article's lede: Enterprise has been toying with the idea of offering carbon offsets for a couple of years. Now, with all of its questions answered, the decision has been made...As… read more →

Don’t faint. The government appears to moving on climate change

Leaders from both parties are proposing regulations to phase out the incandescent bulb by 2020 It's rare that we get any good news on government and climate change, so today is a special day, with two good pieces of news, one involving cars, and the others light bulbs. The first is the celebrated Vermont case, where a judge has ruled… read more →

Jerry Brown moves offset market forward

Jerry Brown is rocking energy policy, even as Attorney General While California seems to be in the lead among states that have firm limits on carbon dioxide, no regulation is scheduled go into effect before 2012. That changed today, when Attorney General Jerry Brown announced an agreement with ConocoPhillips to let them proceed with a expansion of their refinery, if… read more →

California: inflate those tires, and no more party string

11-year-olds must make sacrifice for climate change -- no more silly string! California is here to help pave the way. NASA scientist James Hansen is fond of saying that there are no silver bullet solutions to climate change, but rather silver buckshot -- lots of little solutions that add up to the change necessary to avoid catastrophe. California has explored… read more →

Why the voluntary carbon market is the only carbon market that matters

A new report out from Environmental Defense (pdf) lays out a critique of the UN's Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), suggesting it does nothing incrementally positive for the environment beyond the caps set out under the Kyoto Protocol. We're fans of mandatory caps. And we're also fans of offsets as a mechanism to achieve the same environmental benefits at a lower… read more →

Caution: Back to school carbon bump!

Ah, labor day. The end of the summer, and the end of many parents' blissful summer commutes. Mom walked. Dad took the bus. Now they're both back in their (family-size) cars shuttling the kids around. EPA reports (pdf) show that morning drive time traffic jumps up 30% at the beginning of the school year. The report put this in historical… read more →
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