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Choose your own project type

  • June 2, 2008
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Over the weekend, we rolled out the first version of a feature that lets you create a custom portfolio of offsets from project types of your choosing. Now when you purchase an offset from TerraPass, you can help direct our efforts to project types you like the most. When you calculate your footprint and add an offset product to your… read more →

Ninth project enters comment period

Four months ago, TerraPass became the first (and is still the only) carbon offset provider to invite the public to review projects before they are included in our portfolio. Now we offer up our ninth project for consideration, the Upper Rock Island County Landfill Gas to Energy facility. This 3.95-megawatt gas-to-energy project at the landfill that serves communities in Rock… read more →

ScanGauge review

The ScanGauge can be installed many places with a Velcro kit. I chose the center of the dash, for easy access to the real time mpg data. I've always been jealous of the miles per gallon readings in friend's Prius, but my wife and I don't really drive enough to warrant a new car purchase. So I took a chance… read more →

Second cohort of projects enters comment period

Last month, we saw seven projects successfully go through the TerraPass comment period. To our knowledge, we're the only carbon offset company to incorporate public stakeholder input into our project selection process. A new engine will generate clean energy from landfill gas at Worcester County Landfill. Today we're adding two more projects to the mix: a brand new landfill gas… read more →

First project comment period a success

Six weeks ago we asked the TerraPass community for comments on our new candidate projects, a first for the U.S. carbon market. Seven projects have now gone through the process, and all of them successfully "passed" this step. They will receive support from TerraPass. TerraPass values transparency, so we've published a full summary and response to the comments we received.… read more →

Saving water while out of the shower

According to my wife, among my most obnoxious green peccadilloes is letting the water run while the shower is warming up. We have long pipes from our hot water tank to the shower and it can take a few minutes to get hot water in the morning. As a consequence, my hectic morning routine often has me reading email while… read more →

TerraPass project comments: an update

Our new comment page. When we launched our comment period we weren't sure how the community would react. After a week, we're pleasantly surprised with the volume and quality of the comments. First, we want to thank all of you that wrote in. You should have received a personal email, and we'll be gathering and responding to your feedback, questions,… read more →

New TerraPass projects open for comments

TerraPass has always prided itself on transparency. Today we're taking that one step further, and asking for your feedback on projects before we commit them to our portfolio. We're admittedly excited to solicit stakeholder comments on our projects: first, we believe the stakeholder process is an important tool to ensure that all information about a project is collected before deciding… read more →

England: Our windmills are bloody enormous!

The Guardian reports on a new horizontal axis windmill, that promises to help the UK satisfy its ambitious wind goals. These are still on the drawing board, but are the latest in an attempt to create bigger and less maintenance-intensive windmills. This design is smart as it places moving parts at the bottom, rather than the top. Who really wants… read more →

Measuring emissions now federal policy

One of the more useful things that got tacked on to the recent omnibus federal spending bill was the requirement for the EPA to develop a federal registry to track industrial CO2 emissions. Parsing out just how industrial emissions are measured is one of the stepping stones to implementing a cap and trade system. The EPA has 9 months to… read more →
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