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Is the Prius battery toxic?

You're proving to be big fans of our new TerraPass Answers feature. This week's question is from Nushin in Colorado. > My sister in law who is an insurance company adjuster tells me that there is something toxic about the battery cell in the Prius. Is this true? Do you know the answer? Post in the comments section below. **Previous… read more →

Is online shopping bad for the environment?

Sandeep wrote to us this week to ask the following: > I'd like to know if online shopping is worse for the environment compared to the usual way of purchasing the list of items together at the supermarket or street side store? > I was discussing this with a friend who buys stuff online all the time! I would think… read more →

Don’t preheat your oven

When temperatures drop, home cooks break out the roasting pan. But recipes contain a lot of outdated lore, particularly admonishments to preheat your oven. Although pre-heating may be helpful for certain sensitive tasks like baking, your meat and vegetables probably aren't going to notice the difference. **How this helps** When you preheat an oven, you're spending a lot of energy… read more →

Flush with less water

Making a few simple modifications to your toilet is an easy, low-cost way to start reducing water waste and your water bill, too! Here are some simple steps to creating a lower-flow toilet. 1. Put a few inches of gravel or pebbles in the bottom of an empty gallon jug. Fill the rest up with water and cap it. If… read more →

Instead of air conditioning, use fans

Ceiling fans can be a useful helper or substitute for air conditioning even at the peak of summer. But as the temperatures of August become a memory, now might be a good time to turn off the A/C altogether and instead rely on an open window or ceiling fan. **How this helps** Your air conditioner is one of the biggest… read more →

Use night lights

This is an easy one. Do you leave any room lights on in your house to help you (or your little ones) navigate at night? Switch them off and use low-energy night lights instead. **How this helps** Super-efficient night lights, particularly ones that use LEDs, need so little energy that they cost less than a dollar *per year* to operate.… read more →

Plan for a new water heater before your old one fails

Most people don't think about their water heater until it suddenly dies. Then the priority becomes replacing it as quickly as possible. In the long term, this can be an expensive proposition. Water heaters vary greatly in efficiency, so know in advance which one is right for your home. **How this helps** Water heaters come in a wide variety of… read more →

Fill up your fridge

The fog has cleared around TerraPass towers and we're feeling the heat. Here's a way to save energy used by your fridge or freezer during the summer months: keeping your fridge and freezer at least three-quarters full to reduce the amount of energy they use. **How this helps** Items in your fridge have been already been cooled, so they help… read more →

Run your big appliances at night

Another tip for keeping your house cool in the summer: run your washing machine, dishwasher, and drier at night. These big appliances throw off a lot of heat, and during the day you're just going to make your air conditioner work overtime to keep the house cool. Another benefit of using your big appliances at night is that you reduce… read more →

Keep your air conditioner free of gunk

Last week we suggested easing up on the A/C during summer months to conserve energy. But whatever temp you choose, it makes sense to keep your cooling system running as efficiently as possible. Take a few minutes to give it a proper cleaning. You'll save energy and extend its life. **How this helps** Air conditioners suck up a lot of… read more →
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