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3PAR helps customers slash carbon footprint

TerraPass partner 3PAR today announced that its utility storage products have helped customers reduce their power consumption and carbon footprint by as much as 80%. Green IT solutions like 3PAR have a critical role to play in helping companies save money and save energy. 3PAR has extended the energy-saving capabilities of its green solutions by partnering with TerraPass to deliver… read more →

Avoid the cut flowers

If you can possibly get away with it, avoid buying and giving cut flowers -- unless they're from your own garden. If you can't get away with it, look for locally grown flowers that are in season. This almost certainly means no roses. **How this helps** There's plenty to love about cut flowers, but the story behind the dozen roses… read more →

TerraPass welcomes new partner kW Engineering

TerraPass is pleased to welcome our newest Carbon Balanced Business partner, kW Engineering. kW has balanced out the CO2 emissions resulting from its employee ground and air travel. kW Engineering is exactly the kind of partner TerraPass loves to work with. Founded in 1998, kW Engineering provides objective analysis of energy efficiency options for commercial and industrial businesses. Its core… read more →

TerraPass helps Super Bowl to be greener

And it's not just the grass that will be green. The 2009 Super Bowl will be the most environmentally friendly yet, thanks to an extensive environmental program from the NFL. This year's initiatives include: 1. Prepared food recovery 2. Material recovery and donation 3. Solid waste management and recycling 4. Development of a wide range of urban and community forestry… read more →

links for 2009-01-27

25 Examples of Good Urban Design - International Herald Tribune Lots of fun stuff in here, including several that are green related. Lockheed, Ocean Power to Team Up on Wave Power Utility-scale wave power finally coming the U.S.? Yes, maybe? Please? read more →

Locate air leaks

Look around your house for gaps or cracks that could be leaking air, including the attic floor, edges of doors and windows, electrical outlets and switches, and pipe entrances. Light an incense stick and hold it close to window edges and other possible leaks. If the smoke coming from the stick goes horizontal, you've found a crack. To test doors… read more →

Should I buy a new car?

This week's question from Tom Wilson... > OK, I realize a car's major carbon footprint is the actual gas that it uses. What is the carbon footprint to just build a new car before it uses any gas? > Am I shrinking my footprint by not buying a new car? The last new car I bought was a four cylinder,… read more →

Two new projects for your consideration

This week we have two new projects open for public comment. The Robeson County Landfill in St. Pauls, North Carolina, began operating a landfill gas collection and flaring project in July 2008. Robeson County is negotiating with potential end-users who will use the landfill gas for industrial process heat or for electricity generation. In the meantime, the methane is being… read more →

The inside scoop on stopping junk mail

In response to our post on junk mail, catalog merchant Colleen Connell (proprietor of wrote in with some advice on the best way to reduce unwanted mail. The answer, in a nutshell, is "all of the above." > I own a mail-order catalog company and have direct experience with both the DMA and Catalog Choice (as well as experience… read more →

Stop the junk mail

Visit the Direct Marketing Association's website. You'll need to register your name and address. The DMA will then remove your name from catalog lists of its members. It also has a link to help you remove your name and address from credit card and insurance offers. **How this helps** The amount of unsolicited mail and catalogs Americans receive each… read more →
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