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Shine a light on energy savings with LEDs

A show of hands, please. Who checked their tire pressure in the last week? Last month? OK... last three months? The Car Talk guys recommend that you check the pressure at least monthly, preferably more often. Eyeballing your tires is rarely good enough. Maintaining the correct tire pressure not only keeps you safe, it also saves gas. Properly inflated tires… read more →

Turn the faucet off, save water and save energy

There's a new water supply issue stirring in California. There may have to be a serious cut in supplies next year after a ruling in August designed to protect an endangered fish. Until an official resolution can be reached, the water agencies are doing the only thing they can: asking people to cut back in their water use. Last week… read more →

In praise of freedom of expression…and Rupert Murdoch

This time a year ago, journalists were lining up to write glowing stories about TerraPass and other companies trying to find ways to let individuals help in the fight against global warming. For one particular piece of coverage recently, Tom found himself having (environmentally friendly, presumably) make-up applied for a Modern Bride photo shoot. The bridal magazine announced our Chief… read more →

Bottled water – good for whom exactly?

Tap water, well-traveled water and the TerraPass water bottle, free with every Dorm TerraPass A Heineken TV commercial shown here in the UK 20 years ago featured an elocution teacher instructing his young pupil to pronounce the phrase, "The water in Majorca don't taste like what it oughta" (video here). I was reminded of this recently when I read about… read more →

Check out our new home energy emissions calculator and win fabulous prizes

Our new home energy emissions calculator uses a combination of energy prices, regional energy usage patterns and local emissions data to calculate your home energy emissions. If it sounds complicated, that's because it is. The same $100 spent in one part of the country might have a completely different emisions profile than $100 spent in another. For those intrigued by… read more →

Announcing Green Energy in the Home with TerraPass

TerraPass customers have been asking us for a while about green energy in the home. You asked...we delivered. Introducing the Home TerraPass. Find out how much carbon your home energy emits and offset it today! This has been an interesting -- and eye-opening -- product to develop, and I wanted to share a few of the revelations I've had along… read more →

Overcooked myths: microwave ovens and home energy use

The roving finger of home energy blame finds another target in today's New York Times. The microwave oven is portrayed as the biggest guzzler of home energy in a confusing table of bar charts and percentages. It's true that newer technologies with always-on or standby functions are increasing the demand for home electricity, but we must remember that these aren't… read more →

Please stand by while we destroy the planet

While we're on the subjects of the British and television, let us draw attention to an energy review for the British Government which last month took aim at one of those great convenience innovations of the late 20th century: the TV standby mode. Imagine the scene. You get back from a long hard day (fish and chips in hand, presumably),… read more →
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