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Hassle-free rechargeable batteries

15 billion batteries end up in landfills every year. Which is a staggering number when you think that the toxic power monsters can easily be recycled. Or better yet, just get rechargeable ones in the first place. But if you're anything like me, then you've struggled with rechargeable batteries. Not least, because you have to have the charger with you… read more →

The TerraPass store: your reviews please!

It seems far longer than three months ago that we began selling energy-saving gadgets at TerraPass. Since then, hundreds of you have cut down on standby power with the Smart Strip, measured your appliance's power usage with the Kill A Watt or kept your tires fully inflated with the LED Tire Alerts. Now we need your feedback -- our product… read more →

Just cruisin’

It's one of the great aspirational vacations: visiting the major cities of the world while living in luxury aboard a cruise liner. These days, with satellite TV you don't even have to miss the big game. It's just a shame about the environmental issues. Cruise lines are working hard to improve their image. Advanced water purification systems and engines that… read more →

Help the economy and the environment

California is already seeing a "solar boom" Listening to a commentary on Marketplace yesterday evening, I was reminded of the conflict between consumerism and -- let's call it -- "environmental restraint". The basic premise of a stimulus package is to give consumers more cash to spend: consumers buy stuff; demand for stuff increases; jobs are created to make more stuff;… read more →

Are you green? Or red?

Our road emissions calculator is pretty old by internet standards. This week we gave it a minor upgrade with a great new feature: you can now see your carbon emissions relative to the average U.S. car. Check it out, and give us some feedback -- what else would you like to see in our carbon footprint calculators? read more →

How many planets do we need?

What do 236 cylinders of propane and the weight of a female African elephant have in common? Answer: they're both equivalents of the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the average American car in one year. So are you any the wiser on exactly how much 12,500 lbs of CO2 really is? Or how this relates to the (far, far)… read more →

Explaining Carbon Offsets

Carbon Offsets can be difficult things to explain: we hear this from TerraPass members, telling us of their experiences explaining offsets to their friends; we know it ourselves when we try to write for this blog or our website explaining how small amounts of money can make real differences to the environment. And we see it on a regular basis… read more →

There’s something in the air…

In 2006 the charismatic British entrepreneur Richard Branson announced plans to reduce the environmental impacts of flying. He planned fuel-saving measures such as towing aircraft to the runway and the establishment of a Virgin Fuels division, funded with profits from his transportation companies. As the founder and part owner of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America, Branson is well placed to… read more →

$10m for a 100mpg car

At this week's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) there has been news of a hybrid truck, a hybrid Jeep, and even a hybrid sports car, but none of them comes close to 100mpg. Not yet. The new Dodge Ram (introduced alongside 120 steer, which were marched through Detroit city center) was accompanied by the news that a hybrid version… read more →

Reduce your footyprint

When a newspaper front page ad carries the tag line "Help the planet. Go down the pub," I'm reassured that climate change has finally arrived in the national psyche. The British psyche, that is. The English Football Association (that's soccer, of course) is running a series of adverts on TV and in newspapers explaining ways in which fans of the… read more →
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