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Wanted: one grass eating animal

What uses 800 million pounds of gas every year and produces up to 5% of US air pollution? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the answer is 54 million Americans and their lawn mowers. In terms of CO2 the number isn't so high (around 87 lbs per year for the average mower), but this is more than made up for… read more →

Counting the carbon from your conference

  • June 30, 2008
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We're excited to announce a new calculator on the TerraPass website -- the event and conference carbon calculator. Many of you have been asking for this and we know that it will help individuals and businesses to understand better the impacts of parties, conferences and other events, large or small. We've tried to make this calculator simple to use: just… read more →

Reducing energy usage — Step #1: measure it

Pete: I can show you how to reduce your home electricity bill by up to 20% You: Yeah right. What do I need to do? Stop watching TV? Never turn on the A/C? Pete: Actually no. Just monitor your usage... and turn things off when they're not being used. You: Of course... but it's never so easy is it? Pete:… read more →

The four-day week

2,400 city employees in Birmingham, AL will be working four-day weeks this summer. The city believes this may save employees up to $1 million in gas expenses alone, or about five million pounds of CO2. The motivation of the change was cited as fuel costs for both the city and its workers, but the move also highlights how we can… read more →

Citizen lobbying in the UK

In the UK we have roughly one nationally elected representative for every 85,000 people. That compares to a ration of one representative for every half million people in the U.S. The result of this is that members of the national parliament (MPs) are much more accessible to individuals. With this in mind, a group of ten British bloggers has developed… read more →

Help Dad lower his footprint

Some Father's Day gifts that will save energy and often save money as well. And they can be used every day (not like those cuff links you gave last year...) **Around the home** Consistently our top seller is the Smart Strip. Plug the computer or TV and all the peripherals into one of these and watch the savings. It's simple:… read more →

Low carbon barbecue

Memorial Day weekend and the smell of barbecue is in the air. As you pick up the propane tank to check if there's any juice left from last summer, you may be wondering about the carbon impact of the outdoor grill. A few thoughts: The actual grilling process isn't really the big carbon part of this. If you're using a… read more →

Flying high: TRX and TerraPass

  • May 2, 2008
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In a report released today [pdf] by the highly influential Stockholm Environmental Institute, TRX has been named as having "likely the best currently available air travel CO2 emissions calculator." That's no faint praise given the number of carbon calculators available on the web. We're very excited about the release of this report and the praise for TRX, because we've recently… read more →

Making child’s play out of clean energy

Staff at TerraPass Towers have been busy looking around for new products to add to our popular green store. While Smart Strips, Kill A Watts and other energy-savers (many more to be announced soon) can be great ways of directly reducing your footprint, they're not the most, well, fun products on store shelves. Recently we came across some great games… read more →

Broken resolution

The William Morris "Anemone" water bottle When TreeHugger reposted some of our TerraPass New Year's Resolutions the author snarked an "about time" to my commitment to avoid bottled water for the year. To the casual reader, I might have come across as an Evian addict who couldn't so much as look at a faucet. But honestly, I'm really the opposite,… read more →
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