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Save energy! Work outside!

So we know about turning off the computer and the savings from car-pooling, we've debated the four-day week and every good TerraPasser must by now know the benefits of the smart strip. Is there any stone left unturned in the world of office energy efficiency? Well I was wondering... until I came across this Japanese newspaper article via Environmental Leader.… read more →

Do lights use more energy to warm up?

This week's question comes from Susan Fiore: > I was brought up to turn the light off when I leave a room, even for a few minutes. My husband says it costs more to turn it off and back on again than leaving it on if you're coming back soon. > So which is right? And is it different for… read more →

Use LED holiday lights

LED lighting is improving all the time, but it's not yet advanced enough to be able to replace CFLs as a standard for low-energy lighting around the home. One place you can definitely use LED lights is for decorating your house and/or Christmas tree this holiday. This year we're selling LED holiday lights in our green store. **How this helps**… read more →

Welcome to The TerraPass Footprint

  • November 11, 2008
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Months ago we asked you for suggestions for a new name for the blog. We felt this venerable organ deserved something a bit more distinguished than the appearance of just another corporate blog. And so, today, we're pleased to present to you "The TerraPass Footprint." You picked the name yourselves. It was suggested by J. McIntyre of Colombus, Ohio who… read more →

TerraPass Answers – your help needed

We're always happy to receive your feedback, comments and questions at TerraPass. But sometimes it's difficult to be able to answer everything, especially when we may not have the necessary expertise. So we thought it might be a good idea to pass on some of the questions we get to our blog readers... can you help Pia or Maria? Leave… read more →

Are we running dry?

A new documentary on water shortages in the U.S. will be screened on PBS early next month. *The American Southwest: are we running dry?* highlights the shortages in fresh water supplies to over 30 million Americans and investigates possible solutions to the problem. Watch the trailer here. High among the solutions is that old standby, conservation. Transport, storage and heating… read more →

Greenwashing: innocent or guilty?

For those days when the weather's warm back in London (and yes, there are quite a few of them) I do enjoy a smoothie. If it can't be made fresh, then there's a good alternative in the drinks made by Innocent Smoothies. Innocent has a great story. It was founded by three twenty-something guys who spent a weekend selling fruit… read more →

Survey says: TerraPass customers (still) really do care

  • August 4, 2008
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For the second year running we asked TerraPass customers to tell us a little more about themselves and what else they do to reduce their environmental impact. The real news here is that little has changed since our first TerraPass customer survey one year ago (for the stats-inclined among you, there was no statistically significant variation): TerraPass customers continue to… read more →

Lower your electricity bill…by keeping track of it

We've reviewed some of our favorite items from the TerraPass green store ourselves. But increasingly our readers are outdoing us. Tom Harrison published a review of the PowerCost Home Energy Monitor on his blog With Tom's permission, here are some highlights: The sensor attached to Tom's digital meter It also works with older mechanical meters The display includes cost-per-hour… read more →

TerraPass member wins race with 124 mpg

  • July 15, 2008
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Hypermiling is all about making the gallon of gas go further... a lot further in some cases. All of us at TerraPass offer our congratulations to hypermiler Jack Martin. On June 7, Jack won the 21st Century Automotive Challenge competition by achieving a driving efficiency of 124 miles per gallon over a 143 mile course in his Honda Insight. Yep,… read more →
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