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Cutting edge green gadgets

I love gadgets, and I'm obsessed with things that help to increase energy efficiency. So when the two come together, I'm a very happy camper. This will explain why I'm so excited about the second Greener Gadgets Design Competition that is currently running online. You can view the shortlist and vote for your favorites to make the shortlist that will… read more →

The four-day week revisited

It's already been proposed by numerous different cities, and a test is well underway in Utah (of which more in a moment), but the four-day week is now receiving serious consideration for schools as well. From Arizona to Maine to Washington, proposals are cropping up that are designed to save money, not least on energy bills. "More productive student schedules"… read more →

Do you care about a product’s carbon footprint?

I was very interested to read on NYT's Green Inc. blog about consumer reactions to seeing carbon labels on products. Over a year ago I wrote here about carbon labeling of Walker's Crisps (PepsiCo's UK brand of Lay's) and wondered what kind of reaction there would be from shoppers. Well here's the answer from the man in charge of Walkers… read more →

Paint your walls white

When it gets difficult to buy a new house, people often decide instead to make improvements around their old one. If you're thinking of redecorating, pick bright, light colors. **How this helps** Dark walls and ceilings absorb light, requiring more energy (and possibly fixtures) to light your house. By painting walls white or brighter colors, natural and artificial light will… read more →

Wind-up radio triumphs over modern technology

There's no television in the TerraPass office. So this morning we crowded around MSNBC's live stream of the inauguration. Alas, along with most other news sites the stream couldn't stand up to the pressure. Just as Chief Justice Roberts stepped forward, the image froze again. Anybody got a radio? But of course, we keep wind-up radios in the green store.… read more →

Google searches emit carbon, but not very much

Suddenly the carbon footprint of a Google search is big news. The exact facts and precisely who said what remain a little murky, but the following things do seem clear: - A couple of Google searches emit significantly less CO2 (about one-hundredth of an ounce) than boiling the kettle for a cup of tea, despite some wishful thinking on the… read more →

Recycle your old cellphone

You may not be so excited about your old cellphone anymore, but chances are that somebody else will be. Better still, you might even get paid for it. For example, a Motorola Razr V3 is worth $21. **How this helps** Recycling your old phone keeps it and its (likely toxic) battery out of the landfill. Your phone also contains precious… read more →

Gift guide: last minute stocking fillers

**Chocolate -- $4.95** TerraPass worked with Bloomsberry & Co. to produce Climate Change Chocolate, a tasty 1.75oz of chocolate with 133lbs of carbon offsets bundled in: roughly equivalent to the average American's daily carbon footprint. **Gift certificates -- from $5.95** Still stuck for ideas? You can buy a TerraPass certificate in increments of $5.95. You'll get a certificate you can… read more →

Gift guide: gifts that save energy and money

A year ago people laughed at me when I suggested that they get energy-saving power strips as gifts. Now at least one of those friends tells me the whole family's getting one this year. In a year in which energy prices rocketed to all-time highs followed by a collapse of the economy, there's something very appropriate about gifts that help… read more →

Stop peeking

Don't open the oven door to peek at what's cooking inside unless you actually need to check something. Instead, turn on the oven light and check the cooking status through the oven window. **How this helps** Heard the one about the watched pot? Well there's a reason for it... opening the oven door lowers the temperature inside, by as much… read more →
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