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Seasonal fruit and veg on your iPhone

Locally produced food isn't necessarily better for the environment. But seasonal *and* local fruit or vegetables probably are. And while your grocery store may tell you where the food was grown, it probably doesn't tell you how much energy went into growing it. As a general rule, something that is in season will take much less energy to produce than… read more →

Copenhagen wasn’t built in a day

Last week's post on the small things that can frustrate a bike commute provoked a lot of responses from Footprint readers. Hills, distance, reckless drivers, lack of bike lanes, no showers at work... it's a long list. For my part, I got over the hump (literally) and took the bike route around the huge hill, giving me a longer, shallower… read more →

Roadblocks for bike commuters: show me the route!

It's Bike to Work Week. Did you notice? Perhaps not yet: most of the major events in the US are taking place this Friday (or Thursday for Californians). Last year Adam posted some simple tips for newcomers to bike commuting. The central theme being, don't take this too seriously and make it as easy as possible for yourself. I'm a… read more →

What’s greener than grass?

This week's question was sent in anonymously... > I asked my city of Santa Fe Springs if I could do something with the parkway, other than grass. > They denied my claim for concrete. I am trying to conserve water and they said no: the parkway *has* to be green . So I said ok i'll purchase fake green grass.… read more →

What’s your Earth Day resolution?

Last year we asked you to sign a card with your Earth Day resolution. This year we've jumped on the bandwagon of the twitter craze. We've turned over the TerraPass homepage to your (and everybody else's) Earth Day resolutions and pledges. All in just 140 characters, using the "microblogging" service, twitter. Post your own resolution using a twitter account, or… read more →

Make more food than you need

Next time you're cooking at home, make double the amount you need. Keep the leftovers in the fridge and then eat them for lunch or reheat in the microwave another evening. **How this helps** Cooking can be energy intensive, especially if you're boiling water or using the oven. It doesn't take much additional energy when you increase the number you're… read more →

Use the microwave

When reheating food, or cooking small portions, use the microwave instead of the oven or range. **How this helps** Because it takes so much less time to cook in the microwave, you use a lot less energy -- even if the microwave draws more power. According to Energy Star, cooking small portions or reheating food in the microwave can save… read more →

Low impact kitchen flooring

After a short hiatus, TerraPass Answers returns to The Footprint. This week's question from Deborah Hyde: > What's your take on concrete floors for a kitchen? I'm doing a remodel, and am trying to think of some low-impact materials to use. > I don't have a ton of money to make a completely green space, but if I can use… read more →

Survey says: green surveys are improbably optimistic

Some numbers to begin: - 53% of consumers would be willing to pay a premium for televisions with green attributes. - 34% and 44% of Americans are respectively more likely to buy and just as likely to buy environmentally responsible products. - More than half of all consumers say they have made a green purchase in the last six months.… read more →

Get out of the shower

The first serious winter storms have finally arrived in California, but it seems unlikely that we'll get close to making up the water we badly need to get out of the current drought. So it seems a good time to remind everybody of the benefits of short showers. **How this helps** A shorter shower not only saves water, but also… read more →
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