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Slow and low, that is the tempo

We moved into a new house this past October and from the first week, it was one toilet problem after another. It seemed at least once a week, we were pulling out the plunger, which then became an auger. A few extra squares of toilet paper were enough to put us over the edge...literally. The first plumber we called over… read more →

Skiing to the North Pole

  • April 19, 2009
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TerraPass is pleased to partner with Forward Expeditions by providing verified carbon offsets for its Victorinox North Pole '09 expedition. These offsets balance out the emissions from all air and car travel, hotel room nights, and meals related to travel prior to the expedition, as well as the fuel used during the expedition itself. Forward Expeditions founders, John Huston and… read more →

TerraPass welcomes new partner CatPrint

  • April 2, 2009
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TerraPass is pleased to welcome our newest Carbon Balanced Business partner, CatPrint. CatPrint has balanced out the CO2 emissions resulting from its on-site natural gas usage, business travel and employee commuting. They have also purchased Green-e Energy Certified RECs for their on-site electricity usage, server electricity usage and estimated electricity usage by customers using their online printing services. Every one… read more →

Mother Earth takes on a whole new meaning

As I get ready to welcome our first child this summer, I started to wonder about her carbon footprint. There are plenty of overwhelming statistics out there about how many diapers I'll be going through (2,800 in the first year!) and how much it will cost to raise this child for the next 18 years ($250,000+), but less apparent is… read more →

What makes a building “green”?

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Greenbuild 08, a conference and expo dedicated to (quite obviously) green building. The sheer size of this event forced me to pause. The architecture, construction and design industries -- and everyone who supplies to them -- are certainly committed to reducing their environmental impacts. As well they should be. In North America… read more →