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Most popular car among TerraPass web visitors: Prius by a mile

We've been doing some data-crunching on use of our carbon calculators and our sales figures. With over 500,000 footprints calculated, we found plenty of interesting nuggets to bundle together as the official "TerraPass Carbon Footprint Awareness Survey." Some highlights: Out of over 2,300 different vehicles searched for in the road calculator, the Toyota Prius was the most popular. It accounted… read more →

TerraPass hits 100,000

It happened on January 16th at 6:40pm Pacific Standard Time: Heraldo Botelho, of Palo Alto, CA, purchased a flight offset for his upcoming trip to visit his family in Brazil. This is Heraldo's first time buying a TerraPass. He told us: I worry about the environment, but I still wanted to visit my family. I wanted to do something about… read more →

Taxicab Confessions

In Big Yellow Taxi, Joni Mitchell sang "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till its gone." This month New York City's Taxi and Limousine Commission stepped up to promote hybrid taxi cabs by mandating that after October 2008 all new cabs will have to get at least 25 miles per gallon. The requirement… read more →

Hanukkah 2007, light it up!

Once again it is almost time for Hanukkah, aka the Festival of Lights. So named for the Menorah which is lit each night of Hanukkah to honor the remarkable oil candle that lasted for a whole 8 days and nights. Not quite parting the seas, but still a nice little miracle. Last year, Salon magazine rightly pointed out that the… read more →

Diary of virgin casual carpooler

This past weekend I moved into a new apartment in Oakland. As a New Yorker I had spent years walking to work and commuting by subway. But when I moved to the Bay Area to work for TerraPass, I began my adventure with a far more remarkable form of "public" transportation -- the casual carpool. Here's how it works: car… read more →