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Unexpected NY Auto Show feature – carbon offsets

With the growing demand for newer, cleaner, more fuel efficient vehicles, TerraPass has learned that several leading automobile manufacturers are poised to release the AERE (Automotive Efficiency to Reduce Emissions, pronounced "airy") carbon offset protocol at the New York International Auto Show. Our sources tell us that the AERE protocol has just undergone a final peer-review process, and its public… read more →

It’s not where you are going, it’s how you get there

Over the past month or so I’ve been rethinking how I get to work. My routine has been shifting as my son sleeps in a bit later at times (thank goodness), and as his activities and naps tend to take place in the early evening more often. My comfortable routine of getting dropped off and picked up at the local… read more →

Want to reduce your footprint? Take a vacation

I've just returned from a long-awaited vacation, a return to two of the many places that I have called home over the past several years. The planes, trains, and automobiles along the way, in addition to the widely varying accommodations and landscapes I encountered, brought me back to a simple question: how does where you spend your time affect your… read more →

Solar, solar everywhere

As a native Californian I think solar power is an obvious choice for favorite renewable energy source. Even though solar power is a small part of the world’s renewable portfolio right now, smart policy decisions paired with technological advances will help bring solar forward as an integral part of the green economic recovery. The following are a few highlights of… read more →

Paper or plastic?

Not only has the paper vs. plastic argument been flipped upside down since when I was a kid (wasn't I saving trees by asking for plastic?), new alternatives are available these days, too. Well, sort of… In recent years I've seen several examples of novel packaging in the marketplace, ranging from degradable plastic bags to starch-based packing peanuts to Amazon's… read more →