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Is your backyard ready for wind energy?

Do you ever look out your window, watch the branches swaying in the wind and wonder whether you could be generating your own wind power? Well iPhone users, you can now download the app you never knew you needed… it will tell you whether you it's windy enough for your own personal turbine. Mariah Power. *Windspire Me* uses the phone's… read more →

Couple goes waste-free for a year

Amy and Adam live in a small community in Dallas, Oregon. On July 6, 2009, they began their pledge of living without producing garbage for one year. Like many of us, they believe that collective action is necessary to preserve our environment for future generations. Their chosen focus is waste and recycling. Here's how they plan to get by without… read more →

If they green it, will fans come?

Baseball has always been my favorite sport. As winter subsides and spring marks the beginning of the baseball season, I took a moment to reflect on our nation's favorite pastime. Of all sports, baseball is the most dependent on fair (if not warm) weather. With more games getting rained out or called off because of extreme weather in the month… read more →

Beautiful vandalism

Guerrilla gardening is the act of cultivating someone's land without permission. I remember the first time I saw the words guerrilla gardening paired together. My immediate thought -- random acts of beautification? While seeing our personal project of beautifying our San Francisco office come into fruition, I grew inspired to take a closer look. Historically, class struggles have set the… read more →