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Daily shopping: an unexpected reversal

A recent study concluded that lots of green consumers shop at warehouse stores. I believe it. About a year ago, my husband bought a bottle of shampoo so large that it's still half full in the shower, its plastic degraded and cracking. Last week, he came home with a 3-year supply of Q-tips. This has got me thinking, can we… read more →

Non-financial barriers: a personal confession

This is a personal confession. I have a New Year's Resolution and an Earth Day Pledge, both oriented toward greater sustainability, and I haven't taken any concrete steps to implement either one. I want to. I intend to. I will. Soon, really soon. What's holding me up? My New Year's resolution is to install a solar hot water system on… read more →

For Moms only

This is a private message for the Moms. If you're a Dad, skip to another post. OK, Moms, we know how this works. On Father's Day, the kids need to present Dad with a token of their affection, and to make that happen, we have to find such token and buy it. When my kids were younger, I usually took… read more →

The march of progress?

*[Meet Erin, one of the geniuses on our carbon team, and a devoted, if occasionally frustrated conservationist. This post is the first in an occasional series highlighting her triumphs and trials as a green consumer and homeowner.]* I don't buy new things very often. I'm cheap to a fault and a serial procrastinator. However, I replace things that break with… read more →
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