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How to decipher the recycling numbers on plastic stuff

You know those little numbers inside the recycling symbol on the bottom of plastic bottles and containers? Well, the other day when I read that those numbered with a 7 might contain BPA, and therefore not be suitable for my kids to use, I realized that I hadn't a clue how to decipher the numbers. Which made me think that… read more →

Hybrids a rare bright spot for the auto industry

I was struck by the August U.S. car sales reports, and couldn't help making a quick comparison to the same reports for hybrids. The bottom line: overall car sales through the end of August are tanking in the U.S., down 11.2% from the first 8 months of 2007. Light trucks are the heaviest anchor here, down a phenomenal 22.1% from… read more →

McCain response to the gas tax holiday petition

You may recall that earlier this summer we asked TerraPass newsletter subscribers and their friends to join a petition against the "gas tax holiday" proposed by Senators McCain and Clinton. The holiday never came to pass, good news for both the federal agencies supported by the revenue from the tax and for the environment, given that now is pretty much… read more →

Cut your travel footprint this summer

The kids are out of school, and that summer vacation that seemed so far away when you booked it back in February suddenly looms. Whether you're flying, driving, biking, or sailing, we've got some advice on how to keep your carbon footprint down while you do it. Regardless of how you travel, the best way to get your carbon footprint… read more →

New alliance sets the bar for high-quality offsets

  • June 9, 2008
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While Congress struggles to find consensus on the best way to tackle global warming, eight leading carbon offset providers, including TerraPass, are moving ahead with an initiative that could greatly expand the voluntary carbon market. The International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) is launching today with two U.S. companies, TerraPass and Native Energy; five from the U.K, Climate Care,… read more →

Thanks for saying no to the gas tax holiday

Thanks to all 3,131 of you who signed on to the "say no to the gas tax" petition we've been running. We sent our message off to Senators McCain and Clinton, as promised, and are happy to see that Memorial Day has come and gone without a gas tax holiday so much as coming up in either chamber. Though of… read more →

Sign the ‘gas tax holiday’ petition

We take a keen interest in politics as they relate to climate change, and recently we've written a bit about the "gas tax holiday" being proposed and endorsed by Senators Clinton and McCain. Unsurprisingly, we think this gas tax holiday is a Really Bad Idea, even if we recognize that the media coverage has become a little overblown. But probably… read more →

TerraPass nabs “Innovator in Sustainable Living” award

I was honored to accept an award from Americans for Informed Democracy on behalf of TerraPass the other evening. Well, it was late afternoon here at TerraPass world headquarters in San Francisco, but evening in New York, where the awards ceremony was taking place. Let me explain. TerraPass won recognition in the category of "Innovators in Sustainable Living" for putting… read more →

Introducing Erik Blachford, the new TerraPass CEO

A note from Tom: I'm pleased to introduce Erik Blachford, the newest addition to the TerraPass team. Erik is a seasoned CEO (in this case, the "E" stands for executive) who will help take TerraPass through the next phase of our growth. Erik is the former CEO of Expedia, although he left the company several years ago, long before Expedia's… read more →
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