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Sleeping with your values

Mattress shopping may be the single most unpleasant purchasing experience one can voluntarily undertake. Even Consumer Reports throws up its hands, saying that comparing mattress makes and models is too difficult for sound recommendations. It has been almost 15 years since I last set foot in a mattress store. Back then, my selection was driven by whichever retailer could have… read more →

Does America still have the Right Stuff?

Forty years ago today astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped out of their Apollo spacecraft onto the moon and into what Aldrin described as "magnificent desolation". On May 25 1961, when President Kennedy challenged America to put a man on the moon, the rocketry and computerization that would be required had not yet been invented, the funds to support… read more →

Enterprise Fleet Management wins a Stevie

We at TerraPass want to congratulate our partner Enterprise Fleet Management for winning the 2009 American Business Award for Environmental Responsibility Program of the Year. Fleet Management earned this national award by rolling out a set of programs to reduce the carbon footprint of its customers' vehicles. Enterprise Fleet Management's environmental programs include the following: * Vehicle Cycling/Fleet Optimization --… read more →

TerraPass Carbon Balanced Businesses have their say

With hundreds of businesses now participating in TerraPass’ Carbon Balanced Business (CBB) program, we decided to conduct a survey of this customer base to gauge attitudes and behaviors towards carbon offsetting and other sustainability initiatives across the workplace. Below are some of the results and here’s a handy one-pager summarizing the key findings. Consistent with our previous two annual individual… read more →

Speak up, over the applause, please

The annual Ceres conference always fills me with a combination of worry and hope. Last week's event marked the 20th anniversary gathering for this group of environmentalists and investors to call for the integration of sustainability into capital markets. This is, in part, a cause for concern: two decades and still no cap on emissions or mandates for improved social… read more →

TerraPass on the spring conference circuit

At TerraPass we like to minimize our carbon impact and travel budgets, so as the spring conference season approaches, we’re focused on local events with valuable content and a critical mass of thought leaders. Here’s what’s on tap… **GreenNet09, San Francisco, March 24** GreenNet is where we show off our technical prowess, highlighting our carbon footprint calculators for both individuals… read more →

TerraPass offers Green-e RECs to business customers

Since the launch of TerraPass' Carbon Balanced Business in January 2008, hundreds of businesses have demonstrated their commitment to the environment by balancing their emissions. The program provides partners with resources to measure their carbon footprint and a portfolio of carbon offset projects that meet the highest standards of quality. Each partner gets a Carbon Balanced Business badge to display,… read more →

The Christmas tree fairy

This time of year we spin tales of a jolly man with a big white beard, a bright red suit, and a team of reindeer delivering gifts to children everywhere. And when Christmas is over, we tell ourselves stories of another magical helper -- the Christmas tree fairy. Throughout December evergreens are adorned with lights and ornaments, and prominently displayed… read more →

New guide to green parenting

It's a powerful image. A child asks a parent, "What did you do to try to stop it?" I am not a parent, but I am at an age where many of my friends are starting families. No matter what shade of green they were before becoming parents, I've noticed a consistent and considerable change in behavior. They are researching… read more →

The better business bureau: dozens of businesses offset their emissions through TerraPass

A growing number of companies are stepping up to take action on climate change by balancing their corporate emissions through TerraPass. Early adopters such as Patagonia, Miōn Footwear, Skoll Foundation, Pair Networks, 3form, and many others recognize that their customers and employees are looking to them for leadership on climate change. Some are choosing to offset all emissions from employee… read more →
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