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New project available for public comment

  • August 28, 2009
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The next project up for public comment is the Flathead County Landfill gas to energy plant, the first such system in the state of Montana. Located 25 miles from Glacier Park, this project will expand over time to provide 1.6 megawatts of generation capacity. Please have a look and send any questions or comments to . read more →

McKinsey finds $700 billion lying on the ground

I had hoped to have time by now to actually read the splashy new McKinsey report on the potential for energy efficiency measures to slash the national carbon footprint. But I haven't, so I'm just going to quote from the report's main finding: > Energy efficiency offers a vast, low-cost energy resource for the U.S. economy - but only if… read more →

Automated pizza ovens and horse-drawn hybrids

An Iranian engineer has come up with an unlikely breakthrough in gasoline-free transportation by creating a hybrid automobile that connects an electric drive train -- to a horse. In a design that owes more to the Volt than the Prius, the sporty two-seat Naturmobile uses a pony on a treadmill to recharge a bank of batteries. The only existing prototype… read more →

Why did the Reburbia design competition fail?

I had some fun last week with the Reburbia design competition, a contest seeking to "re-invent the suburbs" via "future-proof spaces and systems" -- "the wilder the better!" The judges somehow managed to include a proposal for a perpetual motion machine among the contest's finalists, suggesting either that suburbia is in need of far more radical reinvention that previously thought,… read more →

Bits o’ carbon: digital downloads are greener than CDs

This is hardly a shocking result, but it's kind of fun nonetheless: a life cycle analysis reveals that downloading music digitally creates less than one sixth the carbon emissions of buying it from a retail store (pdf). The study compares six scenarios: 1. Music purchased from a traditional retail store 2. Music purchased from an online retailer and delivered by… read more →

Competition dreams up new ways to harass suburbanites

Dwell magazine and Inhabitat have teamed up to sponsor a "Reburbia" competition in which designers re-envision suburbia in ways that make environmentalists seem as scary and dingbatty as possible. The finalists include a lot of inspiring ideas, but my favorite by far is the proposal to have menacing 3,000-foot-tall robots stomp into suburban villages, rip the homes out of the… read more →

Two new projects for your consideration

  • August 11, 2009
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We present to your our latest projects for public review. The Red Hills Wind Farm, located in Elk City, Oklahoma, has 82 turbines, with a total capacity of 123 megawatts -- enough electricity to power 40,000 homes. The project is the fourth wind farm to be developed in the U.S. by ACCIONA Energy, a global energy company headquartered in Spain.… read more →

How to have a million-dollar car accident

A wind turbine blade passed me going the other direction on the highway the other day, followed by another one. If you've never seen these things in real life, you're missing out. Hundreds of feet long, the blades are sculpted and architectural and really make you feel like you're looking at The Future. As it turns out, they're also extremely… read more →

Friday video fun

David Roberts brings the funny in his quest for "songs that express environmental concern and don't suck." It's a quest that largely fails, unless "slightly better white-boy rapping" about methane capture counts as success. The TerraPass office represents 75% of the global fan base for manure digester anthems, and even we can't get behind this song. David gives top honors… read more →
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