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Hottest decade ever. Best decade ever.

Last decade was the hottest on record. It was also arguably the best decade ever from humankind's standpoint. There's a clear tension here, but in my last post I uncritically accepted the proposition that the long-term future outlook for the world is generally positive, even if we are setting ourselves up for unnecessary misery from unchecked climate change. In this… read more →

The end is nigh?

Against the backdrop of the failure of comprehensive climate change legislation and the ongoing attacks against environmental protections already in place, now feels like an appropriate time to turn to a more basic question: are we doomed? A lot is riding on the answer, so it's no surprise that both scientists and economists have put quite a bit of effort… read more →

Bill Gates is pretty much right

For my valedictory post, it’s tempting to engage in a little big-picture think. I’m also still mulling the general reaction to Bill Gates’ TED talk, which seemed to me both entirely too hostile and also reflective of some of the lingering pathologies in the environmental movement. So, yeah, this is going to be a bit of a ramble. Let’s start… read more →

Plan B for cap and trade

David Roberts has a good one: > Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) appear set to introduce a draft of their new climate/energy legislation this week. Graham says they are trying to hash out a moderate bill that can draw broad public support and pick up a few Republican votes. > Now, as it happens,… read more →

Changes to The TerraPass Footprint

Some news on the blog front: starting with the next edition of the newsletter, we’ll be moving from a weekly to a less frequent format. The change reflects a planned slowdown in our posting schedule, but otherwise expect the content to remain pretty much what you’re used to. As always, if you want to get updates as soon as new… read more →

Losing the messaging battle

If you've been paying any attention to the news, you know that there's been a dispiritingly high level of nonsense permeating the recent discussion of climate change. Of course, there's always a high level of nonsense attending any public discussion of climate change. But many of us have been taken aback by the amount of traction that various anti-scientific arguments… read more →

Electric bikes on the rise

Can you stand one more post about electric bikes? The New York Times ran a follow-up recently, and it's worth revisiting the topic. First, the comment thread to the previous post about electric bikes has an interesting diversity of opinions, but to my mind pretty strongly underscores the potential value of this technology. Many everyday commuters and older riders find… read more →

How Bill Gates can end climate change

In response to Bill Gates recent speech calling climate change the most urgent threat to humankind, I somewhat sourly wrote: "The fate of the planet continues to reside in the entirely dysfunctional U.S. Senate, and not even the world's richest man can change that fact." But of course that's not even remotely true. As the world's richest man, Bill Gates… read more →

Bill Gates says we need to get to zero emissions

Bill Gates, world's most successful businessman, has been highlighting the danger of climate change and the need for an energy transformation, earning some praise from environmentalists -- and a surprising amount of backlash. Gates recently gave a TED talk in which he pushed a vision of a world in which population and wealth have increased, even as carbon emissions drop… read more →
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