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All CFLs, all the time: the “wife test,” the temperature issue, and the end of incandescents

A grab bag of compact-fluorescent related items this week. First up, the "wife test": it seems women are at least partly to blame for the dismal adoption rate of CFLs in the U.S., despite the fact that women are more likely than men to express a strong willingness to make behavioral changes to fight climate change. Women just don't like… read more →

Panel report on Tontitown project now available

As regular readers know, TerraPass recently conducted a full review of the Tontitown landfill methane flaring project, a project in our portfolio that came under heavy criticism in an article in BusinessWeek magazine. We investigated the allegations in the BusinessWeek article, wrote up our conclusions, and submitted those conclusions to an outside panel of experts for a final determination on… read more →

Carbon offsets for the MTV crowd

TerraPass does a lot of media outreach. The day pro skater Lee West came to our offices is something we won't forget easily. If you want to see some good skating and a very reasonable explanation of carbon offsets, then watch away (you'll also get a glimpse of the SF office). The series is part of PBS' "Hot Politics" series… read more →

Can economically viable projects generate carbon offsets?

Internationally, carbon offsets can improve economic viability for clean energy projects. Will the same be true in America? Can economically viable projects generate carbon offsets? A journalist asked me this question the other day, hoping for a simple yes or no answer. The answer is yes, but understanding why is not necessarily so simple. This might seem counterintuitive. If a… read more →

wikiHow on how to buy a carbon offset

Congrats to the team at wikiHow for using TerraPass to offset the carbon emissions from running their web site, commuting, business travel, and office operations. If you're not familiar with wikiHow, it's a remarkable site that offers a "how to" on just about everything. My favorite: “How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs." There are many other useful… read more →

Yahoo! goes carbon neutral

Breaking news: The folks that brought you your first email account are going carbon neutral in time for Earth Day 2007. The impact is pretty large, about the same as 25,000 Out of Towner TerraPasses. Full disclosure, the reductions are not sourced from TerraPass (we're focused on individuals) . Yahoo! founder David Filo's blog announcement lays out the details and… read more →

On GreenPeace, defeatism, and the nature of human progress

Below is a reprint of a post I wrote a little while back for Grist in which I noted that most individuals will never make the sort of dramatic lifestyle changes in response to climate change that many environmentalists are hoping for, and that fortunately they probably won't have to. The post got an unexpected reaction. It was meant to… read more →

Climate change and the presidential election

I just noticed that John Edwards has a "Reduce your carbon" web site that aims to enlist supporters in a grassroots movement for personal conservation. I mention this not to praise (or criticize) the Edwards campaign but to note how large a role climate change may play in the presidential race. Which is to say: a somewhat larger role than… read more →

Step It Up this weekend: take part in “the first nationwide do-it-yourself mass protest”

In an inspired display of web-fueled activism, six recent college grads have organized the first ever day of national action on climate change. Dubbed the Step It Up campaign, the event is actually a sort of do-it-yourself mass protest, which has snowballed to encompass 1,333 events in all 50 states taking place this Saturday, April 14. The campaign has a… read more →
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